Exterior Solar Blinds – Part 12 – EZ Snap and French Doors 2

EZ Snap Installed on French Doors

In Part 11 we reviewed the situation with the French Doors leading from our kitchen eating area to the deck in the back of the house and our initial steps to install the EZ Snap solar blinds on the outside of these doors. On the last post someone commented that I should try out house cleaning service because I can afford it. Well I found one house cleaning company and I really like them, check them out from www.maidzone.com. On the other hand, there's this new software company that connects … [Read more...]

Exterior Solar Blinds – Part 11 – EZ Snap And French Doors 1

French Doors Before EZ Snap

We last wrote about the Columbia Roofing EZ Snap that we really like in Part 10 about a month ago. This month we decided to try and see if we could apply the EZ Snap exterior window shades on the outside of the front doors leading from our kitchen eating area out to the deck on the south part of the house, which by the way is a recycled plastic decking. Last month we had all the windows replaced and added dual window glazing to all the windows. The picture above shows the … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 11 – The Water Leak Fix

Underground Sprinkler Pipe Leak

In Part 10 we woke up one morning to find that our partially remodeled front garden had a sink hole, of sorts. What we thought had happened was that our underground sprinkler system had sprung a leak. But, the hole in the ground was a good 2 feet from where we were told the water lines were placed, I had to contact Water Damage Restoration Phoenix to fix it. Well, we called the sprinkler service company who sent a different gentleman over. Here is what he found.   Yes, it was a … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 10 – Underground Sprinkler Issues

Remodeled Garden Water Issues

In Part 9 of our series on our garden makeover we had finished transplanting the Hostas, planing the Pyramidal Yews and the dozen Day Lily's. The next morning we discovered a problem that we had never encountered before. I am sure landscaping design contractors see this all the time, but this was a first for us, of course very professional Landscaping Company can always help you out. During the evening the 8 year old underground sprinkler system that came with the house came on.  A few … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 7 – Filling In The Gaps

Metal Horizontal Insert

The installation activities in Part 6 saw the upper guide track connected to the left and right retracted screen housing units which themselves were affixed to the vertical door frame. If you recall, the installation resulted in gaps between the door frame and the upper track as well as both vertical retracted screen housing units. Here's a picture below showing the gaps. What was the cause? Well, it was not poor measurements or poor installation. It was obvious Dean knew what … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 6 – Upper Track and Screen Housing Installation

Right Retractable Housing Installation

In Part 5 we reviewed the Daily Home Renovation Tips solution to have a smooth lower tract installation, especially for those using a walker or wheel chair. Today we review the installation of the upper tract and the left and right screen housing components. Now, the actual order of installation is to install each screen housing component and then the upper track. To see the manufacturer recommended installation instructions for those who order the retractable screen directly from … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 9 – Front Garden Gets Its Turn

Hostas Transplanted

Now that the two small gardens on either side of the front door have been made over, we can turn our attention to the main front garden. First, thank you to Floor Sanders Perth that suggested we put more hostas plants in the main front garden as well. Sounded good to us. More of the low / no maintenance type of garden plant. This was the first thing we did, since they were still small plants he also recommend the best led grow lights in the market so they will grow faster and … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 8 – Making Over the Side Gardens


In Part 7 the triple mix had arrived and we had spread it over the reshaped, front garden as well the two small gardens on either side of our front door. We were now ready to start transplanting the hostas we were keeping and planting the first of our new bushes (is a Pyramidal Yew a tree or a bush or a shrub? If you know, please drop us a line, would ya? My wife, Cath, thinks they are shrubs but I think they are trees. But, I digress. :-) ). The property's former owners really liked hostas, … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 7 – Triple Mix

Triple Mix

In Part 6  of this series of articles about the makeover of our front gardens we had finished reshaping the main front garden per the garden planner's plan for our property, removed all plants that were not going to remain in the new garden, and were now ready to start transplanting. However, before we could do that we needed  to receive additional dirt. Why? Take a look at this picture. Notice the moss that had begun to grow throughout many parts of the main front garden close to the  … [Read more...]

Drop Ceiling Vent Cover Installation – Part 2 – Butterfly Anchors And More

Butterfly Anchor and Vent Cover

Yesterday in Part 1 we described how the prior owners of our home had used stiff wire to attach the vent covers in the basement's drop ceiling to the vent's duct work, preventing the vent from closing, and I don't think they ever got to use the Duct cleaning Ottawa company, at least it doesn't look like they did. The solution we used came in two parts. The first part was the use of butterfly clips / plugs / anchors. Call them what you will, they did the trick for us. After removing … [Read more...]

Drop Ceiling Vent Cover Installation – Part 1 – What Were They Thinking?

Drop Ceiling Vent Cover

Summer time is here and with it hot temperatures and humid air. Even with our turbine vents on the roof helping to get rid of the rising hot air in the house and our exterior solar blinds helping to reduce the direct sun light from overheating our home, we still need to use the air conditioner, and the worst thing is that we recently had a roofing problem so the Roofing contractors Dracut ma have been working at home for the last couple of days, this and Roofco are the best roofing companies I … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 5 – The Daily Home Renovation Tips Solution

Outswing French Door Threshold

We finished Part 4 mentioning that we needed a unique installation solution for our new retractable screen door from DreamScreens Canada. One of our family members uses a walker and sometimes a wheel chair. The standard installation would see the top of the lower tract component rise up a good 1/4 or 3/8's of an inch. It may not sound like a very small amount, but wheel chairs and walkers need flat surfaces to function the easiest for the occupant. And, wheelchairs can be heavy with our … [Read more...]

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