Lets start working together! … [Read more...]

Product Quality – Where Is the Manufacturer Commitment?

Defective Toro Sprinkler Valves

War is the house we bought last summer and now call our home came with an underground sprinkler system. It didn't matter to us. We've never had one and had no intention of every installing one. This year we actually used it for the first time. We had the gentleman from the company that actually installed the system way back in the summer of 1999 was the same person who came to open it this spring. During his activities he noticed that there was a leak in one of the 4 valves that … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 6 – Investigation

Removed Drywall at Base of Floor With Mold

In Part 5 we described how we placed more silicone caulking over the remaining areas of our master bedroom en suite bathroom to stop the leak that was going into the basement drop ceiling tiles without success. So, we called Bennett  and asked if he could spare a couple of hours to do a detailed investigation of our situation. We have to get the leak fixed, I read these water softener reviews because I definitely have to change our watering system. Also we checked out … [Read more...]

Basement Ceiling Leak – Part 5 – More Shower Caulking


A few months ago in Part 4 when we last visited our basement leak Bennett, our kitchen installer, had come over and found more grout that appeared to not be properly finished in the shower of the en suite. The three air pipes in the basement from which water was dripping down onto the drip ceiling tiles in the basement were located directly underneath the en suite shower. Most of use have in our basements our Laundry Room, but during this works, it may be unusable, that's why is important … [Read more...]

Solar Charged Mower – Part 10 – Mulching Blade

Mulching Blade

A feature that we have not yet written about regarding our new solar charged lawn mower is it's mulching ability. I have always used the mulching feature on any lawn mower I have had in the past. I like the idea of the grass being cut in to very small pieces and remaining on the lawn to provide nutrients to the roots of the grass. Yes, this can cause a thatch to be created over time if the pieces are not sufficiently small. To offset this we have the annual right of spring, that is the raking … [Read more...]

Solar Charged Lawn Mower – Part 9 – One Step Height Adjustment

Height Adjustment Handle

In Part 7 we wrote about the self-propelled feature and in Part 8 we wrote about the ergonomic handle of our new solar charged electric lawn mower from Linamar Consumer Products. There is also others brands from the one I'm reviewing here, with different sizes, colors and specs, so if you must look somewhere else, be sure you check Top9Rated top spec, so you found the best mower. Today we would like to write about the very simple one step height adjustment. In any previous mowers we … [Read more...]

1. Energy Conservation Links – Grist 2. Temperature Forecast For Summer 2008

First, let's talk about Grist. Grist is a hard-edged web site on environmental consciousness, sustainable living and energy conservation. They take a hard edge ‘tell it like it is' approach which can be refreshing.There are a wide variety of topics on this site from agriculture, business, celebrity, food, legislation, politics and more. This site is not as home energy conservation focused as other energy conservation sites in our blog roll. However, the articles are well written and … [Read more...]

Electric Grass Trimmer

McCulloch Electric Grass Trimmer

A few weeks ago I was in our neighbourhood Goodes Home Hardware, which I wrote an article about previously, looking for some supplies. I happened to notice a collection of McCulloch electric grass trimmers for the unbelievable (to me) price of $19.99. I did need one. Our current model was meant for a very small postage stamp sized property like we used to have and would not do for our current home that has much more land. I also wanted and electric one because it is better for the … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 13 – Hill’s Yew

Garden Plan Close-up

Now that the leak in our front garden is fixed, we can continue with our remodeling efforts to make our front garden not only one that is visually appealing but one that is also low / no maintenance. I also contacted the people at http://upchurchfence.com and they will be out next week to help me replace the whole backyard fence. It´s always important to take care of exterior cleaning that way your house will always look the best when getting guests. We are at the point where we are ready … [Read more...]

Garden Makeover – Part 12 – The Power Of Manure

Grass 1

The power of manure. What a title, eh? :-) But, you know what, it's true. Sometimes the most basic of lawn care approaches is so easily forgotten. Earlier we started a series of articles on our garden makeover, on of the projects listed on our Projects Listing page. And, as is usual for me, I ordered too much triple mix soil for the garden.  But, then again, the girl at the order desk said I would need 4 cubic yards so I ordered 5, knowing that additional cubic yard would only cost me … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 9 – The Open French Door Solution

Hook & Eye Latch

In Part 8 we outlined the how we needed a solution that would keep the French Door open and secure when we wanted to use our new retractable screens to provide greater air ventilation in our home. You can add a contemporary office lighting to the room so it has the right lighting. Right now there was nothing to prevent a gentle breeze from moving the open door up against the porch light and brick of the outside wall, or back into the door frame. The solution was a 6 inch Stanley Hook … [Read more...]

Retractable Screen – Part 8 – What To Do With The French Door?

French Door Exterior With EZ Snap Solar Blinds

In Part 7 the installation of the DreamScreens Canada retractable screen doors for the double (French) doors leading from our kitchen eating area out to the deck in the back of the house was finished. We are really excited. The next morning I went to have my morning coffee and read the morning paper outside on the deck. I was planning to use for the first time our new retractable screen doors so I could still hear others when they woke and our pet dog, Sandy, when she woke up for her morning … [Read more...]

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