Mice in the ceiling – what steps should you take?

Having mice in your home can be a nightmare. So, you should never ignore the scratching and scampering noises that you hear from above. It takes only a tiny space for mice to get into the main area of your property, from the ceiling space. Once there, they can cause a considerable amount of damage.

If you think that there are mice in your home, you can seek help from a professional pest control service. The experts can deal with the situation for you. It’s also possible to take action yourself, to deal with a mouse problem in your property.

Why are mice such a big problem?

If you are tempted to ignore a potential issue with mice in your home, you should think about the potential damage that they can cause. Mice chew on items around the home, including stored clothing, and electricity cables. Chewed cables are an especially serious issue as they can lead to fires. The feces and urine of mice can also cause allergic reactions in people, especially anyone who suffers from conditions such as asthma.

You can see why it’s so important to get rid of mice from your home as soon as possible. But, how can you do this?

Getting rid of mice from your home

The first thing you need to do is locate where mice are in your property. You should listen for where sounds are coming from and check for mouse droppings and areas of chewing. Remember that mice tend to stick to secluded areas, so you need to be thorough with your search.

Once you know which areas of your property have become a home for mice, you need to set traps. It’s a good idea to place two traps side by side, and place bait at different ends. This means that whichever way a mouse is going; they are likely to be attracted.

Make sure that you check the traps you have placed every day. If you find any mouse corpses you need to remove them straight away. You also need to refresh the baits in the traps so that they are as effective as possible. Using snap traps is the most effective way to deal with a problem with mice in your home as laying baits means that mice can die anywhere in your home and you would not be able to remove their bodies. This means that bacteria can be spread.

Hearing a scratching noise coming from the ceiling space in your home may not seem like a big deal. But, you should never just ignore it, and hope that the problem goes away. You need to find out where the mice are located and trap them. Once you have done this, you should ensure that all the potential access points in your property are blocked up. Doing so means that you are less likely to encounter more problems with mice in the future.



From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written and pictures provided by Jesse Hughes.


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