6 Ways to Create a Modern Living Room

Do you want to create a contemporary space that will wow your guests? If so, you will need to learn the basics of modern style, which focuses on neutrality and minimalism. To help you turn your property into the home of your dreams, we are providing six ways to create a modern living room.

1.      A Neutral Color Scheme

Modern style has a big emphasis on minimalism, which is why you must incorporate a neutral color scheme into your living area. For example, you should incorporate colors such as white, black, or beige to make a room feel clean and spacious, which is the epitome of modern interior design.

2.      Add Color Accents

Of course, too many neutral colors across a room can look a little clinical, which is why your decorative accents should pack a punch. Your cushions, table lamps and artwork should feature bright or bold colors or patterns that will make a statement in your décor. Every item you incorporate in your home should serve as a conversation piece, so grab your guests’ eyes by incorporating colors such as fire engine red, sunny yellow or tangerine orange.

3.      Glossy Flooring

Cleanliness is a form of godliness in modern style. Your floor must therefore offer a glossy finish that will create a smooth, sleek, and hygienic appearance. There are different flooring options to incorporate into your interior design. For example, you can choose from granite, concrete, or linoleum, which can each complement chrome, lacquered wood or steel furnishing accents.

4.      Geometric or Angular Shapes

There are two common shapes you will find in modern design: squares and rectangles. Each will incorporate angular edges and straight lines, as is uncommon for rounded edges or undefined furniture shapes to be added into the home. So, from a sophisticated, modern credenza to your sofa, look for furniture that offers a geometric or angular design that will impress your guests.

5.      Plenty of Light

Flowing light is essential in every modern home, as it can create an airy, lighter space that highlights shapes, textures, and colors. You must therefore ensure your property welcomes much natural light across the home. Artificial lighting is also your friend, so highlight your design with beautiful, contemporary lights that will make your house a home. We also suggest opting for lighting that offers a blue-white glow over yellow-white.

6.      Make a Statement with Artwork

Create visual interest across the home by hanging a modern statement or displaying a sculpture within the living room. The beautiful pieces will create a focal point, and will also provide the opportunity to add a splash of color onto your walls. However, you must remember to keep the artwork modern. So, no matter how much you love Monet or Cezanne, keep it contemporary or you may confuse your living space.

Have you got any handy tips to help create a modern living space? Share your advice by positing a comment below.


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written and pictures provided by Carol Trehearn.

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