How to Get Your Modern Design Right

There are various design ideas and styles that are common to see in people’s work and living spaces these days, but whatever style we go for now there tends to be a modern edge to it. Even traditional styles like farmhouse can be seen with feature walls and stylish sofas. In the home, a modern style can balance the traditional feel of the house with the technology and appliances that characterize our twenty-first century lifestyle. In the office, modern furniture and graphics break up the boring style associated with office blocks. In the garden, modern furniture and equipment allows comfort and practicality for outdoor dinners, leisure time and storage. If you look at a child’s bedroom or playroom that’s been decorated, you’ll see how modern styles and designs have been used to bring color, fun and excitement into the room. How you use modern influences to compliment the themes of your rooms is all up to you, but here are some ideas to get the best out of your work and living spaces.

Visually Exciting

Bring some fun into the living room. A completely minimalist living room can look too clinical or devoid of emotion, but you can use modern design ideas to give it an edge of personality that doesn’t look too complicated or cluttered. So, keep it simple. Have a consistent color scheme in white or beige, but have a few accent articles that completely buck the trend and stand out.

To keep it classy, why not search Lumens for furniture from the Blu Dot assortment? These tend to have some humor and color in the design – for example, an orange couch might shake up your plain living room, or why not try out a copper barstool in the kitchen. Are there any bright graphics that you could brighten up your child’s playroom with? Give yourself something to look at in every room, but don’t try to make all of your furniture the center of attention.


Whereas luxury used to mean big soft sofas and mahogany everything, now it means something completely different. Look at the styles and designs that the wealthiest people choose – no longer are they aiming at the cluttered luxury of palaces and castles – instead, their sofas are subtle and they tend to be in neutral colors rather than opulent deep tones. Modern designs often give you the comfiest furniture items but with subtlety. In rooms you want to relax in, you should be able to enjoy the simplicity of luxury.


One of the best aspects of a modern design is convenience – you can have neat storage solutions packed up into the most unobtrusive cabinets and cases. This means that you don’t need to fill up a room with light-blocking cupboards just so you can have all of your books and DVDs and board games in the room. If you look for some good quality modern furniture, you’ll find that all the cables and stored possessions will simply disappear into the room, and reappear when you need them, without you having to stare at them twenty-four seven. This is particularly great if you’re trying to give your office some personality, because nothing screams boring like loose wires and stored equipment.


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written and pictures provided by Carol Trehearn.

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