Projects Worth Tackling In Your Free Time

We’re all busy people; running around from work to kid’s practices and home to cook dinner. It’s no wonder you feel like you never get anything done.

Your home is one space that will always need updating. The hard part is finding the time to work on it. When you do get that window of freedom, see projects worth tackling in your free time.

Clean Out your Closet

If there’s one place you know is scary, it’s your closet. Closets are typically piled high with clothes and stuffed with too many items on hangers. It becomes hard to see what you’re picking out to wear. Shoes are another closet stuffer that take up space and add to clutter. Therefore, use your free time to clean out your closet and select clothes you’d like to donate and get rid of while you’re at it.

Have A Rummage Sale

After you clean out your closet, use the belongings you no longer want as an opportunity to start a rummage sale. Pick a date and work backwards, so you can’t back out. This will also give you a chance to clean out the rest of the house and sell any items you no longer need. Once the digging is done, it’ll be a fun day making money and space in your home.

Clean your Garage & Car

Your garage is one spot in the house that’s often forgotten about when it comes to cleaning. Head to your garage and start throwing stuff out that’s taking up space. Install shelving to get better organized and sweep the floors as well. Don’t forget to clean your cars too. Doing this may also make you rethink your vehicles. Consider if it’s time to replace your current model with a more recent one which may have a better paint job than your current vehicle. If you are afraid of costs, there are many used cars at reliable dealerships.


Painting is the perfect project to take up in your free time. Go through your home and discover which rooms could use an update. Your project may include touching up paint or painting entire rooms, depending on the look you’re after. Painting is a great do it yourself project for any day of the week. Pick out some beautiful, new colors, and it’ll feel like a whole new home.

Bedroom & Bathroom Makeover

Makeovers are one of the most exciting home projects to do. They’re even budget-friendly if you put in the time and effort to not spend a lot of money. Start with the two most used rooms in the home, which are your bedroom and bathroom. Inspect all aspects of the space such as the floors, countertop, shower, paint and décor. Determine if you want to rip out floors and redo walls, or if you’re simply going to update the décor and paint. Do as little or as much as you’d like, as long as you don’t feel overwhelmed.


You’re not always going to have free time, but when you do, it’s smart to take advantage of it. Home and cleaning projects are the best ways to use this time off. These projects are worth tackling in your leisure and will bring you satisfying results.



From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written and pictures provided by Carol Trehearn.

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