Renovation Projects That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

When you decide to spruce up space inside of your home, you are able to personalise the interior design. Although it is important to consider the short-term interior design, it is even more important to consider the financial benefits of renovating your home.

It is always ideal to choose renovation projects that will provide the best payouts. This is even more critical if you ever have plans of selling the property later.

Kitchen Remodelling

For most homes, the kitchen is considered the central hub, or heartbeat, of the home. This is also one of the most renovated rooms in the home. According to scaffolding companies, interior design experts, estate agents, and contractors, homeowners can expect an ROI of up to 120 percent when they invest in a kitchen remodel project.

The use of modern and contemporary colours can go a long way in giving the kitchen an updated look. However, it is important to avoid paints that contain chemicals like benzene and instead choose paints with low-VOC.

Replacing all appliances in the kitchen with their energy efficient counterparts will help your home conserve more energy and reduce its carbon footprint.

Room Additions

It may be a good idea to add more space to your home, especially if your home is located in a popular property market. You can easily add one or two more rooms onto your home, for example:

  • A sunroom
  • An attic bedroom
  • A guest room
  • An in-law suite

Any of these room additions will instantly add more space for adults and/or children.

There are also homeowners who want to add space for personal projects, hobbies, and entertainment. In many housing markets around the country, it can be expensive to purchase a larger home after the family has ‘outgrown’ the original home. Therefore, it would be more logical to add some rooms to help accommodate all members of the family.

Bathroom Addition

If your home only has one bathroom, adding only one more will dramatically increase the return on your investment. When you are considering the room to convert into the bathroom, take a look at any room in the home that is underutilised. For example, is there a spare cupboard that no one is using or an area under the stairs that is large enough for a bathroom? Just like any other renovation project, the total cost of the remodelling job will depend on the features and additions the homeowner wants to include.

Including Energy Efficient Additions

Homeowners are constantly looking for different ways to minimise their energy costs. Simply installing installation in the attic and ensuring that all cracks are sealed around the home are two ways to save more energy.

You can hire an electrical contractor to find any leaks in your home by using a thermal leak detector.

Replacing standard light bulbs with CFL bulbs will reduce the amount of power that is used in the home by as much as 75 percent.

There are plenty of other renovation projects that you could consider to improve your home’s value while at the same time ensuring your home is comfortable and safe. Hire a professional contractor to make the remodelling easier.


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written and pictures provided by Carol Trehearn.

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