The Best Inflatable Bed for Your Guests – all you’ll ever need to know

To accommodate guests in your home, an inflatable bed is a great space-saving option that can be brought out from the cupboard in the event of any hosting or entertaining. Airbeds are easy to store and are great to keep handy. However, a good host will always want their guests to be comfortable, and inflatable beds often have a connotation of being hard work and uncomfortable. Everyone remembers a time where they’d sunk into the middle of an inflatable bed and have had a terribly uncomfortable night’s sleep. In today’s guide we’ll learn what to look for in a good air mattress for your guests.

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Inflatable beds were invented in 1889 and for a century or more the design rarely changed, hence why we can all recall an uncomfortable night on an airbed. However, in recent years the development in inflatable bed technology has advanced, and many people are using inflatable beds as their everyday bed, not just a guest bed.

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But how do you recognize a good inflatable bed?

With so many airbeds on the market, it can be hard to know what the differences are and what makes a good air mattress. Here we review the main things you need to look out for:

Comfort – chambers and coils

To ensure a restful night’s sleep for your guests, you want to provide the most comfortable bed possible. To choose a comfortable bed, you should look for an air mattress that boasts the most air chambers. Traditionally, air mattresses had around five chambers, and when one of these chambers had a defect, you would be left on a deformed bed with uncomfortable sinking and bulges.

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Modern airbeds have over 40 air chambers, which mimic springs in a standard bed so that your weight is evenly distributed across the whole bed. Many air chambers mean that should one chamber have a defect, you are still supported by many more, and there will be no awkward bulges or sinking.

When choosing a comfortable solution, look for a mattress with a flocked top, which gives the airbed a soft and tactile top. Another benefit of a flocked mattress is that it provides grip, which enables top sheets to stay in place

Pumps and How to Inflate

Gone are the days of manual pumps and now beds use electric and battery operated pumps so that your bed can be inflated in mere moments. You will find an array of different pumps available for the air mattress and many companies will give you an estimated inflation time so that you can choose the best airbed for your needs.

If you need the bed for guests and sleepovers, go with an electric pump.

Never-Flat Pumps

A clever innovation in the inflatable bed world is the design of the never-flat pump. These beds have two pumps attached, one to inflate the bed and another one that adds air whenever a drop in pressure is registered. These beds need to have access to power all night in order to work. However, they stop any sinking and ensure the air pressure and comfort is maintained all night long.

Risk of Puncture

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One of the common issues with air mattresses is that they have a risk of puncture. While it’s impossible to create an inflatable bed that is puncture-resistant. You can lower the risk by choosing an inflatable bed which has a high thickness of vinyl or is made up of very durable layers.  Look for reinforced airbeds, and hopefully, your chosen mattress will not puncture.

Also, know that the patch kits that come with the inflatables are inferior and if your airbed starts leaking, your best bet is getting a vinyl patch kit locally.

Range Of Firmness

Another quality of air mattresses is that you can adjust the level of firmness. Air mattresses allow each guest to choose the level of firmness that they require, which means that every guest that visits can choose the firmness of their bed. This is the reason why airbed became so popular with people who have back problems – you get a durable, heavy-duty airbed with firmness control and it’s like having 10 mattresses to choose from very night.

How to Make Sense of Reviews

One of the biggest factors when choosing a blow-up bed is making sense of what other people shared about the products in their reviews.

When reviewing products, try to use sites that have genuine customer reviews from real buyers. Many sites don’t require you to have purchased the product to write a review, which means there there’s room for deceit – a company puts up a product for sale and then writes a bunch of reviews about its own airbed.

It is wise to look for products that have a lot of reviews and have been on the market for long. Standing the test of time cannot be faked.

A quick tip – recent reviews are also more likely to portray the truth about the quality of the product today, if something changed in the manufacturing process, old reviews might not be relevant any more.

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By looking at all of these factors, hopefully, you’ll become the whiz of sleepovers and long weekends with your parents in law. Make no mistake, if you make the right choice, it will be the talk of the breakfast table the next morning.


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written and pictures provided by James Menta.

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