How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors During the Winter Months

Hardwood floors add undeniable beauty and character to a home. And since they’re durable, hardwood floors are a long-lasting investment. However, they do need to be properly taken care of. During the winter months, with extra moisture, salt, and mud being tracked throughout the house, it’s easy to accept that your hardwood floors will take a beating. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Protect your hardwood floors during the winter months with these tips.

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Clean the Correct Way

Be picky about the products you use to clean your hardwood floors. Harsh products can damage the floor’s finish, and mopping can leave behind puddles that can harm your floor. Instead, first sweep and vacuum your floor, paying special attention to doorways where salt and sand accumulate. Then, clean in the driest way you can — microfiber mops are an excellent way to handle this. Use a spray cleaner designed for hardwood, and mop it up with the microfiber mop.

Catch the Dirt

Whether you enter your home through the front door or a mudroom, make sure you lay down rugs or mats to catch the dirt, slush, snow, and mud that will certainly be tracked into your house. You can avoid quite a bit of cleaning with this simple step. In addition, instruct all family members to leave their shoes by the door. Consider using a shoe rack for this purpose.

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Teach Fido Some Manners

Don’t forget about the mess your pets will bring into the house. Dogs are one of the biggest offenders when it comes to tracking snow and water on your hardwood floors. Train your dogs to stay by the door when you enter your home so you can wipe their paws before they run around the house.

Wipe Up Spills

Keep towels on hand to wipe up any puddles that end up sneaking past the entryway. You can even invest in a hardwood floor care kit to keep handy throughout the winter months.

Monitor Your Humidity

The heater dries out the air in your home, and this can lead to shrinkage or cracked floorboards. If you’re also using the fireplace or space heaters, you can be sure your home is too dry. Consider running humidifiers to balance out the dry heat during the cold months.

Use Protective Rugs

Consider laying protective rugs in your highest-trafficked areas. This will keep the salt, snow, and mud from ever touching your hardwood floors, and rugs can add a beautiful warmth and style to your home.

Hardwood floors are a beautiful investment that can last for generations. They boost your home’s value, and they add charm to your space. Restoring or installing new hardwood floors is expensive so it makes sense to protect your existing floors with the above tips for a great return on your investment.

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