Things You Didn’t Know About Ducted Air Conditioning

As homeowners we tend to take our ducted air conditioners for granted. Once they are installed, we seldom have time to look at them or think about them until there is a serious problem. However, there are many things that you might know about your ducted air conditioners. Here we’ll reveal some unknown facts about ducted AC units that are worth knowing.

Ducted AC Produces 3X More Cooling Than the Energy It Consumes

The Choice’s Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Buying Guide states that “for every kW of electricity consumed, the ducted air conditioner produces three or more kW of heating or cooling”. The reason behind this is the changing of refrigerant from liquid to gas and then back to liquid takes place very efficiently and lets the system transfer more energy compared to the energy required by the compressor to maintain a constant temperature.

Ducts Do Leak

Ducted air conditioners lose energy-efficiency by almost 40 percent. However this can be prevented to some extent by installing good quality ducting. Next, the ducts need to be inspected regularly; if the performance of the ducted AC has fallen, leakage can be one reason. So you may beat the hot Brisbane summer with ducted air conditioning, but it is necessary that you take care of the system regularly. Not only Brisbane, this is true for air conditioners in any part of the world.

Clogged Filters Remove Air Particles More Efficiently

You might have heard that air filters should be kept clean for better air flow; but clogging to some extent can be helpful as well, since it removes air particles efficiently. However, you must never let the air filters get dirty since it puts stress on the system and it starts polluting the air if it is clogged too much.

Ducted ACs are Often More Cost-Effective than Split ACs   

Splits air conditioners are thought to be more energy efficient, so the energy bills stay within reach; but oftentimes the reverse is true. It is true that the initial installation costs are higher than that of a split system; but in the long term ducted ACs prove to be more cost-effective due to its superior insulation and purpose designed airflow. So if you’ve been struggling to choose between a ducted AC and split system, now you know what to choose.

Both ducted and non-ducted air conditioners have their own set of pros and cons, so evaluate your needs and then decide which cooling system suits you the best.    


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written and pictures provided by Will Bail.

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