Simple Tips to Include Flowers in Your Home Decor

Flowers bring the beauty of nature into your home and incorporating flowers in your home décor helps you to express your creativity. Arranging flowers and including them in your home décor livens up uninspiring and dreary space. Here are a few tips you can follow to decorate your home with flowers:

Color coordinate

A simple way to get that “stylist” touch is by coordinating your flower arrangements with your interior décor scheme. While buying fresh flowers or picking them from your garden, keep in mind where you want to place them, and choose your flowers accordingly. Knowing the color palette helps to choose flowers quickly and makes your home look stylish too.

Experiment with vases

If you experiment with the vases and vessels to decorate your flowers, you can add an interesting element to your creations. For example, use glass bottles, mason jars, milk bottles, copper bowls, tea cups – anything which catches your fancy and can hold water! Small and big vases can be used according to the space.

Simplicity is the key

Simple flower arrangements look good and don’t take up much time either. You can try experimenting with different varieties or choose different colors of the same flower. Just remember that there are no rules and freely express your personality through your flower arrangements.

Use fresh flowers like ornaments

Fresh flowers can be used like ornaments to add color or a design element to any space, for example a tablescape or vignette. You can pick flowers of any color or type from your own garden or order local flowers online at reasonable prices from reputed florists like Flowers for Everyone (delivers flowers to Melbourne) to use them in your decorations.           

Water temperature

If you want that tightly closed flower heads should open fully for example rose heads, use warm water. Leave them in warm water for a day or two before you use them.

Height matters

The correct height of the flowers will enhance the arrangement even more. The bouquet should be 1 ½ times taller than the vase and balance the width with the height.

Filling in with green

Save the stems and larger leaves or use other green leaves of your choice to fill in around flowers. This gives the natural look to the flowers and your arrangement looks great.

There are no hard and fast rules about flower arrangement and the best ones are those you put your heart in decorating and enjoy the whole process.


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written and pictures provided by Will Bail.

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