Which Pests Require More than One Treatment

You’ve discovered that your house has some sort of insect pest problem and you’re planning on calling in the pros. But what kind of treatment schedule can you expect? Are they going to have to spray repeatedly, or are some insects treatable in just a single visit?

Obviously, you’ll have to talk to your exterminator to get the complete picture of your upcoming treatment plan. Professionals like Broward exterminators Excel Pest Control are always happy to let you know what to expect and should be able to answer your questions.

Everyone’s situation is different and there is no way to give an accurate picture of what your house will need. That said, if you’re curious what to expect before getting the professional involved, here are some things that can effect your treatment needs.

 Which Insects

Some insects are more resilient than others and just naturally tougher to kill. A cockroach problem will be a bigger job than a spider problem, for example. They just resist toxins and adapt better. An insect that is likely to eat any food that comes their way is going to be more susceptible to poison baits, compared to one with a more specialized diet. There are a variety of reasons why certain insects are more durable than others, and that will impact the number of treatments you are going to need.

Location of the Infestation

A cluster of ants that are nesting in an easy to reach kitchen cabinet may be dealt with in a single treatment, and you’ll be done with your problem in minutes. But if they have chosen to call some unreachable corner of the attic their new home, you can have a lot harder time getting an effective treatment done. It will likely take a few attempts.

If you are dealing with fleas or bedbugs, their tendency to burrow and cling into fabrics and carpeting can make them a unique challenge. You can expect a few treatments for these problems, though it will partially depend on how much carpet you have in your home.

The Insect Population

Another big factor is simply the number of bugs you are dealing with. A small colony of ants or roaches may be treatable with a single spraying (depending on how accessible they are, as per our last point). This is why you should try to get on top of any bug problems right away, before their numbers get too large to handle.

The Chosen Treatment

Baits often take longer to work than direct spraying, though they do have many of their own benefits. So in terms of time, baits may technically take a single treatment, you may have days or even weeks before any positive results. On the other hand, having more than one bout of targeted spraying may actually be the quicker route overall. If you are concerned about pets or babies, you could ask the exterminator to use milder chemicals. That could lead to multiple applications too.

Now that you see how many variables there are, don’t be surprised if your exterminator announces more than one visit is necessary. Many small problems can be taken care of with a single thorough session of spraying, but follow-up visit can be pretty normal.


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written and pictures provided by Jesse Hughes.

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