How Can I Reduce My Utility Bills?

High utility bills can be a big drain on the budget, and we’re always on the look-out for ways to bring them down. Not only does it save money each money, using less power or water is better for the environment too.


More Insulation

One of the very best ways to bring down your home heating bill is to reduce how much heat is being lost. Adding additional insulation inside the house can be difficult and can involve a fair bit of renovation to take down walls and rebuild them.

Instead, add a new layer of insulation to the house with new siding or cladding. Get in touch with a vinyl cladding supplier, and see what kinds of options you have for your house. Old wood, or worn siding can be letting a lot of heat out through the walls, even if you have a decent layer of insulation on the inside. Think of it like putting on a new winter coat to hold in the heat.


Update Your Heat Source

If you are using electrical heating, you are certainly going to be paying more than you should. It will take some renovating to replace your base board heaters with a central furnace but you’ll find that the savings will still make it a smart move over the long term. Natural gas is the best for efficiency, with oil coming in after that. Adding a woodstove can help reduce your heating bills too, providing you have a reasonable source for wood.


Invest in Energy Efficient Appliances

The next utility bill you can reduce is for electricity. In today’s modern world, our homes can consume a lot of power every day and some things are simply too difficult to do without. Of course, you can turn off lights when they aren’t used and things like that, but you’ll make a bigger impact when you deal with the bigger appliances.

Freezes, refrigerators, washers, dryers and dishwashers are the big guys in a home, and they will use the lion’s share of your electricity. By replacing older models with more efficient ones, you can really cut back on usage. You can still stick with the standard tips though, like only running machines when they have full loads and not keeping an old and/or empty fridge operating in the basement to store a few drinks.


Conserve Water

Though the water bill is usually quite a bit smaller than your typical heating bill, it’s still another utility you can save some money on. Eliminate leaks by replacing washers wherever you have dripping taps, and fix up any running toilets (it’s an easy DIY fix, in case you were wondering). Low-flow shower heads will reduce your water usage, and a dual-flush toilet is a great investment to use less water too.

Following some or all of these ideas can drastically reduce your utility bills, and help you to start saving money every month.



From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written and pictures provided by Jesse Hughes.

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