4 Simple Steps to Saving Energy This Summer

Summer is here, and the high temperatures that come with it. In many places, summer means high heat and humidity which many people avoid by turning on the air conditioner and staying indoors. While this is an effective way to beat the heat, keeping your home chilly by using your air conditioner can lead to high energy consumption and high energy bills. Try some of these tips to help increase your energy efficiency and decrease energy consumption this summer.


Line Curtains with Insulating Curtain Liners

Prevent the sun’s rays from heating up your home by keeping them out. Line existing curtains with insulating curtain liners to keep out sunlight and heat from the outdoors, lowering the amount of heat transmitted inside your home and decreasing the energy needed to keep your home cool. Insulating liners come in different varieties including thick plastic and high-tech fabrics. Try to hang the curtain as close to the window as possible. Ideally, hang a shade outside your window as well to minimize the amount of sunlight hitting the window glass itself.


Service Your Air Conditioner

Keep your air conditioner at peak efficiency by performing routine maintenance at the beginning of each cooling season. Get ready for summer by replacing or cleaning your air conditioner’s air filter, clean the condenser fins and coils, and clean out the condenser drain to prevent back-up of water. For window units, check the seals of the window mounting. Time and exposure to weather and water condensation can deteriorate the seal, allowing cold air out and hot air into your home.


Use Natural Ventilation to Cool Your Home

If you live in a climate where it cools off at night, use that to your advantage. Turn off your air conditioning and open your windows in the evening, using fans to bring the cool air into your home overnight. In the morning, close up the windows and doors and pull the drapes to keep the heat out and the cool air trapped inside. Provided your home has decent insulation, it is possible to keep your indoor temperatures reasonably comfortable even in very hot weather using this technique.


Avoid Contributing to Heat Build-up in Your Home

Try to avoid adding heat and humidity to your indoor environment. Don’t use your oven for cooking, try to cook using your stovetop, a slow cooker or microwave, or outside on your grill. If possible, avoid running your clothes dryer during the day, and consider line-drying your clothes outside to save even more energy. Wash clothes in cold water to avoid adding heat to the environment and to decrease energy consumption for generating hot water. Ventilate bathrooms to release steam from showers, and ventilate your laundry room to release humidity from washing clothes.

You can keep your home cool and comfortable and save energy this summer by being smart about regulating your home’s environment. Prevent summer’s heat and sun from entering your home by lining your curtains with insulating liners. Increase the energy efficiency of your air conditioner by keeping it properly maintained with regular filter changes and cleaning. Use natural ventilation as much as possible to cool your home, bringing in cool evening air at night and trapping it inside to cool your home during the day. Lastly, avoid contributing to heat buildup inside your home by minimizing oven and dryer use and venting humid air to the outside.


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