What are the Advantages of Solar Energy for Homeowners?

Solar energy has seen a massive increase in popularity over the last 10 years, and many homeowners are now considering installing solar panels onto their properties to reap the benefits.  Whether you choose to have your solar panels installed by professionals, or prefer to take a DIY approach, below is a list of the benefits that homeowners can reap when they choose to make use of solar energy.

1. You Can Save A LOT of Money

Based on research conducted in 2011, homeowners with solar panels installed can expect to save thousands of dollars on their electricity bills.  In fact, here are the average 20 year figures from just five states:

  • Hawaii – $64,000+
  • Texas – $20,000+
  • Florida – $33,000+
  • New York – $31,000+
  • California – $34,000+

Although these figures are based on 20 year averages, most homeowners can expect to see around a $100 deduction in their energy bills each month.  For homeowners in states that see a lot more sunshine, this figure could be much larger.

2. It Increases Property Value

Homes that have solar panels installed tend to sell for a much higher price than similar homes without solar energy.  This is partly because solar panel installation is seen by many people to be a large expense, but it is also because many people class good energy ratings amongst the most important things they look for in a property.  The NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory) found that homes with solar panels installed sold for approximately 17% more money and also sold 20% faster than similar properties.

3. Solar Panels Have a Long Life Span

The life span of solar panels is believed to be between 30 to 40 years, and most solar panel installation companies provide homeowners with a 25 year warranty.  What this means is that whilst solar panels can cost quite a bit to buy and install, at some point, you will have recouped the initial outlay and begun to make money back on your investment.  After 25 years, the output power is expected to be around 80% of the power generated when the panels were installed.

4. It’s Good for the Environment

Most of the points we have touched on above relate to the monetary benefits of solar panels, however it’s important to consider how much of an effect they also have on the environment.  Currently, the US is only behind China in the list of carbon dioxide emissions, and this is something that clearly needs to improve.  Solar panels, however, can help you to drastically lower your carbon footprint.  In fact, during a 20 year span, the average solar system offsets the same amount of carbon dioxide as would be generated driving a car over 100,000 miles!

A Point to Remember

Just remember, that unless you have the technical expertise to install solar panels yourself, it is almost always best to hire a professional solar energy installer to do the job for you.  If you do decide to undertake the project on your own, make sure you have all the safety equipment that you need.  This includes harnessing equipment, safe ladders, and the correct equipment.  For the welding part of the job, you can find Lincoln welding helmets for sale as well as other safety equipment from weldingoutfitter.com.

So, as you can see, solar energy provides quite a lot of advantages to homeowners, so it is no surprise that this technology is only going from strength to strength.


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written and pictures provided by Carol Trehearn.

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