When it comes to deciding between decking or paving the popular choice is usually the latter. The reasoning behind this is simply that people think paving is easier when it comes to laying and most importantly the maintenance. This is not necessarily true however. Decking opens you up to a world of choices and helps you to create a soft and sympathetic environment.

Decking is a feature that many people avoid when it comes to designing their gardens. Little do people realise that when choosing to deck a section of your garden you are accustom to a whole world of variety and choices. The variety of choice within wood stains alone is very good, you can go for a Watered-down green, faded-grey, olive green and off-set grey if colour is your preference, then there are the different types of clear stain from a light layer to an oak-style coat which is deep and bold. A great thing to consider would be matching up the decking with matching fencing. A great way to draw the garden together having two main features reflecting each other and creating a strong, clear and bold design.

When it comes to the laying of decking it is much easier to get a smooth surface than when working with paving. Unlike decking which can be laid in a short amount of time, paving needs a properly levelled foundation of rubble and sand. This alone can become costly as well as time consuming. The life of your decking is primarily down to how you maintain the wood however decking is expected to live up to 40 years assuming it is cared for correctly.

Wooden decking creates a warm and friendly atmosphere in your garden. Dependant on your colour and styling the panels reflect the gardens relaxing and calm persona and capture a pleasant feel for both you and your guests. Paving however can sometimes create a cooler, bold statement which can sometimes be overpowering and would require more detailing such as lighting and plants to soften the atmosphere created.

Something that could be considered alongside the decking would be the potential additions you could provide for your garden from the same wooden panelling. As mentioned previously you could add a fence with the same stain and material to match the decking, bringing the design together and creating a polished look. You could also use the wood to creating skirting for your flower beds. Either raising your flowerbeds higher to create a raised design, or just keeping it the same adding the wooden panels to give extra detail to the garden giving it more character and eye appeal.

To maintain the quality of your decking its simple. Ensure you frequently sweep off any gathered leaves or rubbish to prevent them from sticking to or staining the wood. You can also clean the decking panels by using bleach mixed with water and scrubbing any clear dirt to help revive the decking, this would only need properly doing once or twice a year depending on the weather and state of the decking itself. Finally, when you feel the decking is in need of a renovation or a quick brighten up you can use decking paint. This will bring back the decking’s colour and give life back to the panels. This is also a good way of protecting the wood against knocks and scratches as well as adding a slight waterproofed layer to the decking,


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written and pictures provided by Jasmine Smith.

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