6 Cheap Tips for an Energy Efficient Bathroom

Despite being one of the most frequently visited rooms in a home, the bathroom can be an overlooked space when it comes to creating an energy saving household. Fortunately, there are several effective measures you can take to squeeze more out of every dollar of your energy budget when designing a bathroom, and these 5 tips are not only energy efficient, they’re cost effective as well.

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Household items such as electric toothbrushes and hair dryers draw power even when not in use, and this “vampire power drain” can add up to hundreds in wasted energy yearly. Simply unplugging these bathroom gadgets can have a measurable effect on your energy expenses over time.

Control Your Climate

Bathroom windows are as important as any other in maintaining an energy efficient home. Older single pane windows permit outside heat and cold to affect the temperature indoors, forcing cooling and heating systems to work harder to achieve the same effect. Air leaks and other seams compound the issue by directly allowing outside air in your home, increasing energy costs over time. Consider installing energy efficient windows in your bathroom, and seal off any open cracks with caulk or weather sealant.

Update The Lighting

Light sources are another insidious drain on your energy bill, using up to 50 percent more energy than newer bulb types. Conventional light bulbs may be slightly less expensive per unit than energy efficient bulbs, but switching to LED or compact fluorescent light sources throughout your home can yield huge savings on your yearly energy costs.

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Steam, Don’t Iron

Heat generating appliances such as the iron are some of the most energy intensive devices in a home. Instead of ironing clothes to remove wrinkles, consider hanging them in the bathroom during a hot shower. The steam from the hot water will naturally relax the fabric, causing wrinkles to fall out in minutes.

Clean the Vents

Properly functioning vents on heating and cooling systems ensure optimal airflow, and in a room as small as most bathrooms, a little blockage can make a huge difference. Clear the dust and debris from any vents regularly and ensure all filters are unobstructed to allow climate control systems to function properly.

Use Every Drop

Common household issues such as leaky faucets and outdated fixtures may seem minor, but can quickly cause water and heating costs to spiral out of control. Increase your efficiency every day with a low-flow 2.5 gallon per minute showerhead, and be sure to have any leaking faucets replaced. These small measures can have tremendous impact, as fixtures in poor repair can waste several litres of water daily in a typical home.


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written and pictures provided by Jesse Hughes.

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