Create an Eco-Friendly Home on a Budget This Christmas

Christmas is an enjoyable time but each year it becomes a more commercialized event. Unfortunately this increases the impact of Christmas on the environment. Despite this, there are many ways families can reduce the damage to their surroundings. These are some simple ways to create an eco-friendly home on a budget this Christmas.

Use Natural Decorations

Nature provides a huge abundance of natural decorations. Decorating your home with natural items reduces the cost to the environment and also reduces the financial cost associated with artificial decorations. Artificial decorations use up valuable resources when they are manufactured. Then they have to be packaged. Finally they have to be stored and delivered to stores and customers. All of these stages have a huge impact on the environment.

Using decorations nature has given us avoids all of this and costs very little. The most popular natural decorations at Christmas include real Christmas trees, pine cones, wreaths, and holly.

Gift Wrapping and Packaging

Huge amounts of paper, cardboard and plastic are used to package and wrap Christmas gifts. Once a gift is unwrapped this packaging and wrapping is discarded. In many cases, it’ not disposed of properly. Make sure you buy gifts that come in reusable or recyclable packaging and avoid wasting money on expensive gift wrapping that’s harmful to the environment.

If you still want to wrap gifts, there is a solution. You can use eco-friendly alternatives such as reusable gift bags, fabric gift wrapping, old newspaper and recycled wrapping. Always dispose of these items responsibly.

Reduce the Amount of Energy Required in Your Home

Energy requirements and costs go up during the festive season. One of the main contributors is the increased number of lights inside and outside your home. These lights require more electricity. It’s important to use energy-efficient lighting systems. LED lighting and solar lighting systems reduce the amount of energy required to light your home at Christmas.

Turn off your lights when they’re not needed. Certain rooms in a home will not be used but many homeowners make the mistake of leaving lights on in every room during the holidays. Using traditional, old-style lighting such as candles and lanterns is another way to reduce energy costs and also add to the Christmas feel in your home.

Heating systems are another large consumer of energy during the winter. Make sure your home is insulated properly and don’t let heat escape by leaving doors open. This can easily happen when family and friends come to visit.

Change the Way You Cook

Food plays a major role in most families Christmas celebrations. However, you can waste a lot of electricity cooking for family and friends during this time of the year. Buying and cooking food in bulk is one way to reduce these costs. Most food can be cooked and eaten over a number of days instead of cooking meals every day during the holidays.

Use Technology Properly

The latest technologies help reduce costs and your impact on the environment. Buying online and using coupons from and similar websites to purchase eco-friendly goods, reduces the need to travel during the festive season. This lowers travel costs for you and the environment. And, when you purchase from the leading stores like Amazon, you know you’re going to get a fast, reliable delivery.

Simple changes can have a huge impact on the environment and your pocket. If everyone made some of the changes above, Christmas would be a much more special, eco-friendly occasion.


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written by Carol Trehearn.

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