Keep Your Home Livable While You Renovate

Home renovations are tough. Your humble abode is no longer a relaxing retreat — instead, you are left to deal with the stress and irritation of a mess in a place where you can’t really do anything. Kitchen reno? Forget cooking. Bathroom? Nope. Living room? No living there. Where, then, can you go to relax? You can improve the rest of your home’s appearance by concentrating on the areas where things are a little less dusty and chaotic. Here are a few tips for when your home has been taken over by a renovation.

Home Reno Keep Your Home Livable While You Renovate

Find a New Sanctuary

While it may not be obvious at first glance, look at your home with new eyes and pick a few places you can comfort up in a pinch. Whether it’s an unused corner in your home office or your kitchen table, you can change the look and feel of a room with just a few touches and even turn a utilitarian area into your new, cozy nest, and keep your mind off the dust, the mess and the clutter of your home renovation.

Adjust the Lighting

Think about what makes a room relaxing. Often, lighting plays a huge part because while bright lights allow you to get a job done quickly (like in your kitchen), they’re not all that great for relaxing. Add a lamp or two in your non-renovation areas and use candles, which will help you feel more cozy than your low-energy LED overhead bulbs ever will. Even a bathroom can benefit from alternative lighting with small lamps or candles.

Add Some New Decor

Just a few decor touches can really improve a room’s overall feel. Get an awesome print for your bathroom, for example, or add a new shelf in your kitchen where you can add a few figurines to make it look homey. Mirrors are also an excellent way to spruce up a room. They really do make spaces seem bigger, so they’re excellent choices for smaller rooms. To get started, choose from some of your favorite artist’s works, grab an inexpensive frame and all of a sudden you have a new focus in an inviting new space where you can chill out.

Green Up Your Space with Plants

Plants both brighten up the air and make your home feel way more comfortable, and fortunately you can add a plant to just about any room in the house. Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, mud room — there is nowhere a little greenery won’t look amazing. Plants will help keep your focus off the mess while you look forward to a bright, non-renovation future.

Throw Down Some Throw Pillows

Add cuddly fabrics to any area to immediately improve its overall feeling of home comfort. Grab some chair cushions for your dining room chairs, for example, or use some extra pillows on benches so you actually want to sit down on them for longer than it takes to remove your shoes. Pretty up your bathroom with toilet seat covers, or place a new rug on your kitchen floor. Anywhere you can soften the edges, do, because it will improve not only the room, but your sanity as well. And during a home renovation, you need as much of that as you can possibly get.


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written by Sam Isaacs.

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