4 Additions to Consider When Renovating

When considering a renovation, no matter how keen you are to start swinging sledgehammers into the walls, there are a number of factors that need to be considered. It’s a good rule of thumb to start with rooms that would add significant value to the home, both for you personally and monetarily should you ever decide to sell. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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1. Outdoor room

An outdoor room or enclosure is a great addition to any home. They’re convertible, which allows them to serve multiple purposes, from being a perfect outdoor entertaining area to a quiet, tranquil place of relaxation in a hectic family home. You can decorate with blinds of your choice to let air and light in or, if the weather’s foul, close them up and have a cosy area all to yourself. They’re definitely something you’ll want to get a professional’s help with so make sure you speak to a company like AdaptIt and get the right advice.

2. Basement

Basements are growing in popularity because they are incredibly useful, versatile rooms. Basements are traditionally used as storage areas, so if you have a lot of things and nowhere to put them, that’s one problem solved. That’s not all they’re good for though – they’re quite roomy and make a perfect game or rec room. Got a teenager looking for a bit more personal space? Enjoy your brand new bedroom!

3. Home theatre

Everyone enjoys a good movie night at home, right? What if your movie night was just as comfortable and awe-inspiring as a trip to the actual cinema? Home theatres have become a fairly common addition in most renovations – sound proofed walls, comfortable recliners, a nice big feature wall, surround speakers and a high-quality projector all work together to recreate the theatre experience in your home. For some, this may seem like an extravagance. For movie buffs, this one has been on the list from the moment the idea of a renovation was broached.

4. Stair library

Even if you went the basement route, storage can still be at a premium in the home. The best solutions to the problem of available storage space are always the most creative and stylish ones. One trend gaining popularity right now (and one that is very easy to fit into your renovation) is to build a bookcase right into the staircase to the first floor. By not boarding up the front of each individual step, you can slide your books right in underneath. Not only does this look extremely cool and modern but now you’re down a bookcase or two elsewhere in the house and can do with that space what you will.

These are just four examples of what you can add to your home with a good renovation. There are many others, from the sensible, like a kitchen expansion, to the extreme, like a secret office or man cave. What would you add to your home in a renovation? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts!


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written by Ben Zanki.

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