3 Key Pieces to Give Your Bedroom a Designer’s Touch

Giving your bedroom a designer’s touch does not necessarily require large amounts of spending. One of the great things about the designer style is that it encourages both individuality and trend setting, rather than trend following. Professionalism is a big part of a designer’s work, of course, but this is never all there is when it comes to their process. Designing requires a unique vision first and foremost, which is where you come in. Here are three key pieces that will give your room that designer feel you’ve been looking for.

Cool pack+product 3 Key Pieces to Give Your Bedroom a Designer’s Touch

1. Quality Bedding

This might seem like a very petty thing to worry about, but poor quality bedding is more noticeable that you’d think. Even when the covers are on and the bed is made, those who are looking will notice whether your quilt and pillows are of a high quality or not. Making a good choice when it comes to your bedding will enhance the designer feel, so consider investing in a new quilt if your current one does not meet this description. You don’t have to spend a fortune on quality bedding though because online stores, such as the MiniJumbuk website, sell a vast range of woollen quilts for reasonable prices.

2. Antiques

Antiques are everywhere. Your parents and grandparents no doubt have a few lying around. Even if they don’t, antiques are easy enough to find (e.g. at community clearances, yard sales, and flea markets). Chandeliers are a great addition to any room; a bedroom could be completely bare and a chandelier would give it instant life as soon as it’s installed. Vintage chairs are another popular designer’s item, particular for empty corners. This doesn’t mean you have to clutter your walking space with world-weary things, because even one antique item can make a huge difference.

3. Collectables

Little things are guaranteed to liven up your room but, for the designer look, you’ll want to remain consistent. This is why collectables are so great. They’re personal and steady in their theme. Pot plants, for example, are a trending collectable, as are penguin classics and postcards, among other forms of memorabilia. If you’re an artist or a photographer, you might like to display your work on the walls. While each piece isn’t necessarily the same, there will no doubt be reoccurring themes and colours, plus, no money will be spent obtaining them. Essentially, what collectables do to a room is add an extra aspect to the space, a layer of life that can only be achieved through the littlest of items.

Designing a bedroom is a highly creative process that requires an intimate flare that only the owner can give it. Establishing the look of a living room might require an expert’s touch, but a bedroom knows your secrets, your dreams, how you look every morning, and what time you really go to bed each night, which is why it has to start with you. In other words, designing a room is personal before it is ever professional, and your key pieces must reflect this. The above items are only examples, but they will guide you on your way to creating a truly special space.


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written by Juliet Sui.

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