DIY Turfing! How to Do It The Right Way

So you’ve wanted to know about turf but have always been too scared to ask? DIY turfing is actually easier than you think! With the right advice and preparation, you can have a great patch of grass in no time. Interested in more? Read on.

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Choosing The Right Turf

Without a doubt, choosing the right turf is one of the most important factors when completing any turfing job. The right turf will depend on a range of considerations, such as how it will be used (a suburban backyard, a commercial landscape or community park), the amount of sunlight, the levels of moisture the turf will be exposed too, the level of maintenance needed to upkeep the lawn and any visual effects the turf needs to create. It’s important that you get the right advice when choosing the right turf. By speaking to a turfing expert like Hancy’s Turf you’ll be able to get the right advice for your turfing needs.

Prepare Your Yard

So you’ve chosen the right turf. Now, you need to really roll up your sleeves and get working! Preparing your yard or surface is an essential part of the turfing process. You’ll need to ensure the area you’re turfing has adequate draining, away from any structures, buildings or sheds. Your local council may have land preparation regulations, so it’s always a good idea to have a chat to them before undertaking any grading work. Once you’ve got your drainage sorted, you’ll need a good soil or preparatory base for your turf. Your turfing supplier will be able to recommend a suitable product for the turf you lay. Finally, make sure you’ve flattened out your surface prior to laying. Try to even out any undulations that will warp your turf or jeopardise drainage. All done? Now you’re good to lay!

Lay The Turf

Now for the fun part – laying your turf. You’ve already done the hard preparation so you should be right to go. Essentially, you’ll be laying along a linear path. This means that, unless you’re preparing a world-class sporting pitch, you’ll be laying each roll of turf in straight, parallel lines. Make sure there’s no gaps between each turf and each layer goes right to the appointed boundary. Once you’ve laid, it is essential to give the ground a good soaking. If you’re doing a big job, have the sprinkler ready to start watering some of the earlier patches while you continue through the day.

Looking after your turf

You’ve finished your laying and the grass looks amazing. The fun does not end there! Once laid, your turf will need some TLC until it is fully established. Your turfing supplier will give you specifics for the type of turf you’ve laid, but for all varieties there are some essentials. These include regular watering, aeration, sunlight and not too much rough-and-tumble until it’s established.

Have you recently laid turf? How did you find it? Are there any tips you’d like to share? Drop your ideas in the comments, below.


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written by Josi’ah Mace.

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