Transform Your Walls in an Instant

Changing your walls can be the ultimate way to drastically alter the feel of a room, but painting and remodeling can be expensive and a big commitment, and if you’re renting or on a small budget, making a big change to your walls can seem like an impossible dream. However, there are plenty of quick fixes you can try which will look classy but won’t cost the earth: here are various inexpensive, low or no commitment options that can make a big difference to any room.

Hang Plates

Plates in unexpected colors make a fresh wall arrangement; vary hues, sizes and textures for an eclectic feel. Put the most dramatic plate toward the center and attach wire plate hangers to a picture rail if you have one, or hang them on picture nails. For an even less expensive option you could pick up an assortment of bargain-priced white plates and turn them into lively art by adorning them with boldly patterned wallpaper samples. Size and cut the samples to fit the center of each plate, leaving a wide rim as the frame. Use spray adhesive to affix the cutouts and then pop the plates up on the wall for a simple accent feature.

Make Your Own Art

Even printed or photocopied art looks sophisticated when it’s held between two pieces of glass. With document frames your wall color will show through the glass, creating the illusion of a custom background. You can also have your favorite family photos blown up and printed on giant canvases to instantly personalize and transform the room. Try Canvas Republic for a great high quality, low-cost option.

Hang a Gallery of Photos

Instead of leaving them in dusty cupboards, mine your albums for your best shots and put them in identical frames to make one unified collection. Hang in a tight grid or a long line – a geometric arrangement gives a really professional feel.

Hang a Tapestry

For an instant wall transformation with a rich, luxurious feel, why not hang a tapestry? It’s a great no-commitment way to change an entire wall in a flash, and you can always put up a new piece if you want to change the accent color in the room.

Turn Your Wall Into a Chalkboard

Use chalkboard paint to create change-your-mind wallpaper by repeating stencil shapes. The only limit on what you can do is your imagination – and you can change it at will! This is also a great one for the kids to get involved with – just imagine giving them permission to draw on the walls and being able to easily wipe it off afterwards!


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written by Vickie Bailey.

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