More Than Just Storage: 5 Creative Ways to Use a Shed

Oh the good old garden shed. Us Brits love nothing more than venturing out into the garden and tending to the flowers or fixing something from the serenity of the wooden shack in the corner. They have this reputation for being where men go to do their secret DIY projects, but they serve far more benefits than just being a sanctuary where they can get away from the daytime television and screaming children at the weekend.

Many believe that it’s just a place they go to listen to the football on the radio, others think it has genuine benefits (including just getting them out of the house) for the home and garden as a whole. Whatever your feelings are towards a shed, it’s only when you don’t have one that you realise just how beneficial they can be.

Without a shed, where do you keep valuable possessions such as the lawnmower or your bike? Where do you keep the tools you use to tend to the flower beds or vegetable patch? However, the shed isn’t just a place for people to store outdoor essentials or to go and fix things, they can have a number of added benefits that you don’t appreciate until you actually give them a go.

Here are five really creative uses for a garden shed to show that they can have all kinds of functions and you never know, you might find the answer to all your prayers!

Home Gym

One such example is to turn it into a home gym. If you’re the kind of person who likes to workout at home, either with a full set of weights and other equipment or something as simple as an exercise bike, you have probably had an argument with your partner at some point about them being in the way and taking up space inside the house that could be used for something else, or that they just make the place look untidy. If you’re fortunate enough to own a shed but don’t really use it for anything, then you could convert it into a designated gym area where you can go and lift your weights, cycle, row, run or whatever you like to do without having to pay the costly membership fees. Okay, you may have to ensure that the shed has a solid base, you may even have to buy a garden shed from Garden Buildings Direct specifically to make it into a gym if you’ve never had one before, but one thing is for certain – you won’t have to put up with the grunting gym addicts you get in the majority of gyms!

Home Office

Alternatively, it could become your home office. A lot of people work remotely or from home, either because of childcare issues or just because they need some time to themselves, or maybe even because they’ve got so much to do that they have to find time in the evenings or at weekends. In this case, the obvious answer is to turn the spare room into an office… but what if you don’t have a spare room? Some try to modify areas of a room, either the living room or dining room, so that they have a desk, lamp and drawers but this can soon spill over and make the house look untidy. By working out in the shed, you can provide all of the comforts you need with a little bit of work and before you know it it’s just like having your own office, (without the constant phone calls, meetings and yelling bosses!)

DIY Workshop

As already mentioned, a lot of people use the shed to do important tasks like DIY and any repairs to machinery and this can be particularly difficult if you don’t have one. If you buy a shed with the intent to turn it into a workshop however, you can provide all the space you need to have a workbench and plenty of places to store your tools and equipment and with all kinds of sizes of sheds available you’re covered whether you want to repair a plug or a gearbox.

Game Rooom

Now who doesn’t want their own games or movie room? Any gamer of film lover will be dead set on having a space where they can play on their console or watch their favourite movies away from the kids and their need to watch Peppa Pig or whatever cartoons they’re into, or where they can go and watch the football without the dagger eyes in the back of the head. Stripping the shed out and putting in your own television and then the console or satellite television unit would give you the perfect place to go, or you can just install a few sideboards and a fridge along with a pool table or dart board and you’ve got the gamer’s heaven.

Home Spa

Finally, one of the best ideas I’ve ever come across, however, is to use your shed for a home spa. With the shell of the building already there, all that might need doing is to fit some kind of insulation to keep the warm air in and then you’re ready to put a hot tub, massage table or whatever else you fancy relaxing with in and you have your very own relaxation area.


From time to time we publish original guest articles. The above article was written by Chris White.

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