Invacare Rio Home Bath Lift

Bath lifts, those devices which will lower someone into their bath and then raise them up to the top of the bath tub, are becoming more and more affordable.

How do I know that bath lifts for the home are becoming more affordable? Well, about 10 years ago or so we purchased one for our special needs (a.k.a. disabled) daughter to use; the bath lift we purchased cost around $2,000….more I think.

Today we received a new home bath lift from which cost us, on sale, for $399. It typically sells for around $500 from the supplier from whom we purchased our Rio bath lift for our home; more from others whose web sites you can also find out on the Internet or even on

Invacare Rio Bath Lift

Invacare Rio Bath Lift H605 Fully Installed in Bath Invacare Rio Home Bath Lift

Above is the Invacare Rio Bath Lift, model H605 fully assembled and in place a  bathtub in our home which are special needs family member uses.

I say ‘fully assembled’ because it comes in several separate pieces in box which originated in Germany….at least ours was as shown by the product label on the outside of the box we received.

Invacare Rio Bath Lift Shipping Label 300x225 Invacare Rio Home Bath Lift


Rio Home Bath Lift Assembly

Was the Rio bath lift model H605 hard to assemble? Did it take a long time?

Well words like ‘hard’ or ‘long’ are subjective words, each meaning something different one person to the next.

 Invacare Rio Bath Lift Back Part in Shipping Box 300x225 Invacare Rio Home Bath Lift

I myself did not find the different pieces hard to assemble and put together. It took me around 45 minutes or so from start to finish; this included a minute here and there to take a few pictures that we will use in this and subsequent articles.


Why the Rio Home Bath Unit from Invacare?

There were several reasons why we purchased the Rio H605 Bath Unit from Invacare for our home.

First, our disabled daughter has cerebral palsy, as well as other special needs. She is able to give herself a partial bath but not get in or out of the bath tub on her own … even with a home bath lift.

As she is an adult, she is too heavy for most caregivers / respite workers to lift her into and out of the bathtub.

The prior, more than 10 year old, bath lift was from Aquatec. The model, Fortuna, has not been manufactured for many years now. It was the type with a removable, and in theory washable, cover for both the back and the seat components.

Yet, where there are incontinent issues, the bath seat cover will over time become stained regardless how much care one takes.

It was a struggle to find the current bath seat cover about two years ago and was unreasonably expensive then. Now, it would cost at least $168 from the quotes we received.

We have found that seat covers for home bath lifts do need to be replaced for sanitary reasons every couple of years. So, we wanted a home bath lift which did not require a bath seat cover yet was comfortable to use in the water and just as safe to use without one.

Compare $168 for just a new bath seat cover for a bath lift which is no longer made vs $399 for a brand new bath lift with a 3 year warranty from a known manufacturer in the home health care product industry.

It made sense to us.

So, what are the different parts? How does the Rio H605 Bath Lift work for our home?

That is where we pick things up next time in this multi-article review of this assisted device for the home health care market. Select this link to continue and read our review of the Invacare Rio Bath Lift.


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