How to Give Your Bedroom a Long-Lasting Makeover

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. It is where you can completely relax, unwind after a long day of work and catch up on some beauty sleep. Your bedroom décor can be an expression of your personal style, with a particular emphasis on calm and restfulness. If your bedroom is in need of a makeover, there are plenty of simple ways to ensure that its new style is long-lasting.

Buy Quality Furniture

One way to guarantee that your bedroom makeover stays looking perfect over the coming years, is to invest in high quality furniture. Don’t hesitate to splash out when it comes to your bed and your mattress. The bed is usually the bedroom’s focal point and will draw the viewer’s eye immediately on entering the room. Solid oak beds, like those available from Revival Beds are the most hard-wearing and luxurious options currently on the market. They will last your lifetime and can be passed down through generations if they are cared for properly. When it comes to choosing a new mattress, it’s always better to spend a little more money in order to find a supportive mattress that allows you to have the best possible night’s sleep.

Focus on Sleep Hygiene

If your bedroom makeover has an emphasis on sleep hygiene, you’re more likely to remain satisfied with the arrangement over the coming years. Optimum sleep conditions involve the room being cool and dark, so look into purchasing some blackout blinds or very thick curtains. Keep your bedroom free from lit electronic devices and lit clocks, as they can prevent you from getting to sleep, or in the case of the clock, make you more anxious about not getting enough rest.

Invest in Storage Options

The most stylish and functional bedrooms are those that have an abundance of practical storage options for clothes, shoes, cosmetics, books, ornaments and other belongings. Think about how you can optimise storage space, and consider adding shelves above your bed for decorative pieces and books. The space under the bed can be utilised for storage, and seasonal clothes and shoes can be stored in large plastic roll-out containers. It may be worth investing in another wardrobe if your current one isn’t giving you the space you need. A well-organised wardrobe that has multiple shelves and room for a shoe-tidy, can save you valuable time in the mornings and make your bedroom seem more practical. Bedroom makeovers are not just about aesthetic concerns, particularly if you want the remodel to remain suitable for your needs over time.


From time to time we have guest articles. Today’s article was written by Vickie Harrison.

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