Seven Garden Ideas For Your Home

Whether you’re looking for a effective way to increase the curb appeal of your home or to simply enhance your own enjoyment of your outdoor living space, there are several ways to incorporate unique garden designs into your yard and garden area. Start by reviewing house building plans that incorporate outdoor living as part of the overall structure – this can be true even if you live in an urban apartment and only have a patio or balcony to use for the purpose of growing plants. Many home gardeners are following the thriving trend of urban farming to provide fresh vegetables and herbs for their tables, while others grow plants for purely ornamental reasons.

Add Charm With an Old-Fashioned Kitchen Garden

Home cooks of yesteryear routinely grew kitchen gardens brimming with culinary herbs in the areas conveniently located just outside their kitchen doors. Even those with no actual garden space can accomplish this by planting a few herbs in a half-whiskey barrel or other containers.

Create an Edible Hanging Garden

If you’ve got a balcony or patio that gets a good shot of sun during the growing season, you should consider creating an edible hanging garden by planting vegetables and fruits in hanging baskets. Cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and peas are all excellent choices.

Add European Flair With Window Boxes

Anyone whose ever visited certain European cities will tell you how impressed they were with the abundance of window boxes even in the most urban environments. You can choose to embellish your home by planting vibrant, cascading flowering plants in your window boxes, or you can choose the more practical route of cultivating herbs and vegetables in them.

Make the Most of Small Spaces With a Vertical Garden

Those who live in city apartments or are otherwise strapped for gardening space can maximize what they have by growing vertical gardens. Although this can be done as an entirely ornamental project, this method lends itself particularly well to the growing of vegetables for use in home kitchens. A few containers and a small, flat outdoor surface is all that’s needed to get started in the creation of a thriving vertical vegetable garden.

Build a Raised Bed

You can build a small raised bed even on a city patio. One of the main advantages to growing vegetables in raised beds is that you’ll get a higher yield than you would if gardening in traditional garden soil if you use a growing medium that is nutrient-rich. Even a small planting box will allow you to grow a significant amount of fresh vegetables for your home table.

Seven Garden Ideas For Your Home Seven Garden Ideas For Your Home

Incorporate Edible Flowers Into Your Vegetable Garden

One or two nasturtium vines here and there among your vegetables and herbs won’t take up much space and will add fragrance and color to your outdoor living environment. Edible nasturtium flowers make tasty and attractive additions to summer salads.

Use Balcony Railings for Climbing Vines

For a uniquely attractive balcony look, plant-climbing vines in pots and train them up and around the railings. This works well with both ornamentals and vegetable plants. Annual morning glories are an excellent choice for those who like to start their day with vibrant splashes of color, while pole beans will provide an abundance of nutritious and delicious green beans.

These are just a few of the unique ways that those with small spaces enjoy the fruits, vegetables, and flowers of their labor. With imagination and innovation, you can easily maximize whatever space you have outdoors to grow thriving micro-gardens.


From time to time we publish guest articles. This article was written for us by Jessica Barns.


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