3 Reasons Why Landscaping Your Garden Should Be Your Main Priority

Over the Christmas period, we all start to neglect our gardens. However, by doing this, we actually jeopardise much of the hard work that we have put in over the summer months and, as a direct result, it can feel as though we are back at square one. To counteract all this, you should put some serious thought into landscaping your garden. There are a number of reasons why this is a viable option, here are just three of the best reasons why you should make landscaping your garden your priority.

1)      First Impressions Matter

Your garden is the first part of your home that family, neighbours and passersby will notice, and making a good first impression is vital. Your garden and the first impression you make will set the tone for your property and it will give people an insight as to who lives there. In addition to this, if your business has an outside space or a garden, this is equally as important as people will begin to make assumptions about the professionalism of your office and staff.

2)      Increasing the Value of Your Property

Professional estimates state that a well manicured and managed garden can add anywhere up to 18% to the value of your property (depending on size and contents). For this reason, if you’re thinking about selling or considering doing so in the near future, you seriously need to consider landscaping. You can get a digger from somewhere like Scot JCB and start the process immediately. The amount that you pay for tools will easily be offset by the increasing value of your home and, as a result, it is a good option for the price savvy seller.

3)      Having An Environmental Impact

A well-designed garden can have a huge positive benefit on the environment, reducing your family’s carbon footprint. If you spend time choosing your plants carefully then you’ll be able to select ones that benefit the natural wildlife in the area. In doing this, you can convert your home into a natural wildlife hub that will protect the local ecosystem. If this is something you care about passionately, you could even take it a stage further by adding a water feature and a bird house.

As well as this, a well manicured lawn will drastically reduce the surface runoff from your garden and protect the surrounding area. If you have the room to plant a tree then this is an especially good bonus, with each established tree providing enough oxygen for a family of four.

As well as all this, by landscaping you can get years of fun and enjoyment from your garden and it will become a brilliant place to go and relax on a summer’s evening or play with the children. There are countless reasons why you should landscape your garden and make doing so a priority for 2014. So, why not start today?



From time to time we publish guest articles. This article was written for us by Vickie Bailey.

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