Six Home Improvement Projects Ideas

Purchasing and owning a home is probably the most significant investment most people will make in their lifetime. This makes maintaining and improving the property very important, and there are some improvements that add more equity than others. If you are looking to increase the value of your home with updates, you should begin in the areas with the greatest potential. The six projects listed below are most likely to get the best return on your investment.

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Replace Your Entry Door & Check Home Security

Unless the front entry door of your home is uniquely attractive and in good condition, you would be wise to replace it with a steel door. A steel door is not only a safer choice, but has the advantage of never deteriorating due to rot. Many beautiful steel doors are available for your consideration, and many of them resemble wood if you prefer that look. Even though a strong door will help secure your house, you should also consider checking in with your local home security specialists, so if you’re from Jackson, Mississippi for example, head over to Google and search for “Jackson security”. Go to and check your neighborhood’s crime stats, you may find that a home security system should be your first home improvement project!

Add a Deck

A deck can be as large or small as you have the space for, and can add valuable outdoor living space to your home. Everyone enjoys their deck, and it can be built to compliment the look of your home and yard. A deck may be connected to the wrap around porch of your Victorian or traditional home.

Finish Unused Attic Space

Your total square footage can be increased by converting unused attic space into an extra bedroom. Many older homes do not include the master suite many home buyers are searching for. Adequate space in your attic can be transformed into a beautiful master suite, including an en suite bath.

Upgrade Your Siding

Most home buyers look for low maintenance vinyl siding rather than wood siding. While your wood siding may be in excellent condition, expensive repainting will eventually be needed. Although re-siding your home can be costly, the expense will likely be worth it over time.

Replace the Windows

The overall look of your home can be greatly improved by replacing windows. The small windows of older homes can make the interior seem dark and uninviting. Older windows are often drafty and inefficient, effectively deterring potential buyers. The cost of replacing windows may be considerable in a large home, but the increase in equity can be double the cost. Replacing the windows on the home while replacing the siding is the most cost effective way to do these updates. The home will look uniform in style if windows and siding used compliment the architecture of the building.

Home Lighting Creates Ambience

Lighting choices are important in creating a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Lighting schemes can create a feeling of elegance, or just a feeling of warmth in the room you use to relax. Many lighting choices are available, and they can easily change the look of your home. A room will seem to be brighter if lamps are situated at a higher level, so make sure they are placed on a surface that is at least waist high.

If you want to update your home, try to invest in those projects offering the greatest return on your dollar. Whether you remain in your home for a long time or move within a few years, make sure your updates increase the value of your investment.


From time to time we publish guest articles. This article was written for us by Jessica Barnes.

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