Make your Living Room a Real Family Room

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The sitting room is usually the main focus of your house, as it is the one room that everyone gathers in at the end of a long day to sit back and relax and enjoy the evening ahead. It should be a comfortable and warm space with lots of seating and entertainment available.

A family room is the hub of a home and it is important that it is furnished and decorated to incorporate the whole family and a whole host of potential fun and activities. Check out these great tips on creating the perfect family room:


Probably the most important part of a family room is the seating. If you have a large family, there needs to be enough places for everyone to sit and even some spare in case you have guests over.

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The focal seating point should be a large comfortable sofa like the big cosy corner sofas from Hello Sofas, providing enough space for multiple bums or alternatively a big sleep over with space for a few friends to sleep on. As well as this, you can’t go wrong with a few comfy armchairs and maybe even a couple of beanbags here and there.

Tables and Surfaces

If there are going to be a lot of people in your family room, then there is likely to be a lot of cups and mugs or plates and bowls being used, and without anywhere to put them all, they will most likely end up on the floor when not being used creating a mess.

Make sure you have enough coffee tables and lamp stands with coasters and place mats available so that everything can have a place and not cause a sticky mess wherever it has been put.

Visual Entertainment

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One of the main reasons families sit in the big living room is to watch television in the evening. If you have a large room then it is a good idea to also have a big TV to fill the space and provide a cinematic experience.

Other great gadgets that you could invest in to work with your TV include an Xbox, PlayStation, Wii and of course a DVD or Blue Ray player for some cosy film watching when the night draws in.


You want your family room to be a bright warm and cosy room, so the colour theme must match that. Choose bright, yet warming tones such as dark orange and light purple to give the room a fresh and friendly feel.

Once you have chosen your colour theme, match your cushions, blankets and any other accessories you have in the room in complimentary colours. The colour theme can apply to rugs, curtains, lamps and more.


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The main point of a family room is the family, so one of the best ways to make a big living room feel truly homely, is to adorn it with photographs and picture of friends and families and memories that you all share.

A few fresh vases of flowers scattered around the room will also help to bring a beautiful fresh feeling to the room. Place storage in the form of baskets and drawers around the family room too, this way you can keep the room as tidy as possible and easily store away any mess after a nice evening of family fun.

Create a warm and friendly room that the whole family will love and want to spend all their time in by using bright and inviting colours and by making sure there is enough room for everyone. Keep mess to a minimum and provide a range of technology and entertainment so that everyone can have a great time whether they want to relax with a movie or have a tennis tournament on the Wii!

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