Overwhelmed by Your Kitchen Remodel? Research Online to Save Time and Avoid Headaches

Over the years, I have gone through my fair share of kitchen remodelling/renovation projects, new home construction, and the like, and I think I have learned a thing or two about what pitfalls to avoid. The many options for materials, features, styles, and finishes of kitchen cabinets can be overwhelming – you have to factor in not only the technical aspects of the project, but also how it will look as a whole and function day to day. And of course you can’t forget perhaps the most important factor: how to get the best results within your budget.

Where to Look for Help with Your Kitchen Project

One of the lessons I have learned is that it can take a lot of time to complete your research. It is, after all, your money (OK, possibly some of the bank’s money too), and you will have to live with your new kitchen cabinets for a long time – The average kitchen is said by some to last over 17 years.

Kitchen showrooms, such as your local kitchen shop or big-box home improvement store, are one option, but they come with a few downsides. You can browse selection, ask questions, and obtain advice. That said, advice coming from someone working on a commission basis can be more than a little biased, and the whole process could involve a lot of time, effort, and driving around town.

As Nancy and I learned during preparation for our marriage this year, the internet can be a wonderful, time-saving source of significant and substantial information. Take for example, cliqstudios.com, where you can gather information, look through photo galleries, and even chat directly with one of their kitchen designers for free. Their Kitchen 101 section is a useful guide through each step of your kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Cabinets by Style, Pricing and More

The CliqStudios website has a photo gallery that is filled with pictures of a variety of kitchen cabinet styles. I like looking at pictures of products in their actual use to get ideas, and kitchen cabinets are no different. In this section of the site, you can see high quality photos from real-life kitchen projects.

There is also a kitchen design blog on the website, which is another great source for ideas. The blog is updated regularly with different articles and pictures of kitchen remodelling projects and ideas to help with inspiration for your remodel.

What I also found very useful is the option to order free samples, so you can actually touch, feel, and see with your own eyes the different styles and finishes, as well as the quality of kitchen cabinets from this site. This beats relying on pictures alone.

Designing a kitchen you love is an important part of your remodel process, and so is making sure that you are getting the most value out of your budget. CliqStudios has a nice total kitchen project budget estimating tool. You can generate a custom estimate for your project online and print it off to save and easily refer to later.

So, do consider websites as part of your kitchen cabinet research: They can save you time, allow you to browse on your own time, and help cut down on travelling to this or that show room. Keep your project in your control.


Editor’s Note: From time to time we entertain guest articles and are compensated to write articles on behalf of others, the latter of which was the case with this article.

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