How Tiles Can Rejuvenate Your Home

From time to time, our homes all need a little freshening up. No matter how well kept your home is, your appliances and decorations will look worn and unfashionable as time passes by. Recently, we have seen a large number of people tile or retile their kitchen and bathroom in order rejuvenate their home. Here’s exactly why this trick works and why you should consider doing the same in your own home.

Useful and Easy to Maintain

The first part of the home to look shabby is the carpet. No matter how careful we are, wine gets spilt and muddy football boots get dragged through the home. Unfortunately, accidents happen and they are entirely unavoidable. When accidents do happen, however, they do have consequences and, no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to get red wine out of the carpet.

With tiles, however, accidents become much less of an issue, because no matter what type of tile you buy, it will simply wipe clean. Generally, there’s no specific cleaning regime either. All you need is a mop and a bucket.

This is especially good for kitchen tiles. When we are cooking in the kitchen we constantly splash food on our worktops and walls. Likewise, in the bathroom, whether we are taking a shower or brushing our teeth, we have a tendency to splash water on the walls.

Variety of Choice

Tiled flooring is incredibly popular because of the variety of options available. From vinyl tiles to ceramic patterned tiles, there really are a huge number of options available to you. Tiles can be plain and simple or striking and beautiful. It is all down to you, your tastes and your budget. Specialist tile companies such as Tiles 4 All have a large range of tiles, so if you’re looking to redecorate and want to work out what you can afford for your budget, this is a great place to start.

Stylish and Modern

Tiles used to be a relatively dull addition to the home and many only used them because of their practicality. Dull, floral tiles, however, are a thing of the past and now there’s a colour and a style to suit every taste. White is generally considered to be a standard colour for a bathroom and few would disagree with this as it leaves a bathroom looking clean and bright.

Beige is increasingly popular in kitchens and once more this is not without reason. However, there’s a little more room for flexibility in the kitchen and Mediterranean themed floor and wall tiles are also incredibly stylish; fitting in with the food element of the design.

Whatever style you choose, you have to make sure that it is stylish and modern. Tiles, however, are also an investment so make sure that they’ll never go out of fashion as they’ll last forever.

To conclude, tiles can rejuvenate your home. Although tiles used to be considered to be dull and drab, they’ve transformed lately and there’s now something for everyone. If you want style, sophistication and practicality, think about how you can incorporate tiles into your home.


Editor’s Note: From time to time we entertain guest articles. Today’s guest article was written by Vickie Bailey.


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