7 Things To Keep in Mind When Purchasing Your First Garage Door Opener

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With all the different garage door opener models out there, getting one that fits can be hard. The quantity of information available can make the decision even harder. However, these are the 7 most deciding factors when choosing your first garage door opener.

1. What kind of garage door do you own?

Garage doors are usually either tilt-up, roll-up or sectional. Not all garage door openers will work well with all designs, so be sure to check if it can work with your door.

2.  How heavy is the door?

Garage doors vary in weight relying on the construction material. A commercial garage door opener can handle any weight easily, but it tends to use more energy and be a bit more costly than residential models.

3. How high is your ceiling?

If you have a reduced ceiling, you might have a tough time setting up usual garage door openers.  You might want a wall mounted unit that runs straight on the torsion bar. Having a really high ceiling can also be problematic. In that case, a wall mounted unit might also be the most preferable opener for your home.

4. How safe is your neighborhood?

There are openers that have automatic dead bolts linked to the opener, making your house much safer. Keeping your house safe should be one of your top priorities and most garage door opener manufacturers go a relatively good job at ensuring their doors are secure.

5. Are there good safety measures in place?

Automatic stress sensors or infrared eyes can be in place to stop or reverse closing instructions if they experience a blockage. Other openers can even ensure that if the beam is broken when the door is shutting then the door reverses instructions.

6. Are you annoyed by noise?

A garage door opener noise can be really irritating for homeowners living close by. You definitely should ask about or test your chosen openers for noise. You don’t want to be cringing whenever someone comes home.

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