How to Avoid Paying Too Much for Insect Control

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Few insects and bugs in in your home are normal, but if you see more creatures swirling inside the house and outside in the garden and backyard, chances are that your home is prone to insect damage. Most home owners want to keep bugs out of their home. Here are a few possible insects and bugs that are known as common home invaders.


Common Home Invaders

1.  Bedbugs

Bedbugs are small creatures that become active in the night. They usually invade the bedding at home, and if you’ve been getting red rashes for a strong itching feeling while trying to sleep, check for bedbugs carefully. These bugs prefer to feed on human blood rather than birds.

2.  Termites

Termites are known to eat cellulose. If there’s a lot of wood in your house; wooden furniture, wooden doors etc., termites have the possibility to turn up. They may not be visible to the naked eye at first as they reside inside the structure of the wood. If the wood is soft, it may’ve been damaged by this pest.

3.  Carpenter or wood ants

Carpenter or wood ants make their nests in wood, but compared to termites, they don’t feed on wood. Their appetite contains grease, meat and sweet foods. They become active at night and are large in size. Wood ants usually invade homes around spring time.


What To Do?

So how do you get rid of these and other insects? The first that that comes to mind is to call for professional pest exterminators. However, calling them to take a look at your home can be expensive. The amount they’re going to charge you will depend on several different factors.

One of the factors is going to be how large your home is. The professional exterminators make use of traps and chemicals while trying to solve the problem, so if you live in a large home, your costs are going to increase. They’ll usually charge a baseline hourly rate for inspection. However, there are some professional insect treatment solutions for home owners that don’t charge for inspecting your house like



On average, basic level pest control can cost around $40 – $70 per month, which includes preventive measures taken outside the house. However, indoor jobs can be expensive, costing around $100 for a visit, and taking care of hard to go by pests such as termites can easily cost you $1000 or more as they require frequent visits and checkups.

However, home owners may not be aware that the problem may be an easy one to deal with, and a $15 dollar item at Wal-Mart may help you to take care of the issue. The exterminator, on the other hand, may charge $50 for resolving the same problem.


Reducing Costs

Here are some DIY measures you can take to reduce your pest problems and avoid paying way too much for professional services;

1. Go for traps

Traps can be used to capture the insects. This item won’t kill the insects, but would provide a way to capture them. The captured insect can be released somewhere else or passed on to the exterminator for release.

2. Insect sprays

Insect sprays can be your best friend and they’re the most commonly used pest control product. They’re easily available at local stores. Insect sprays are very handy when trying to keep ground-living insects out. An example of the spray includes Maxforce.

3. Baits

Baits should be used with care and kept out of reach of children and pets, as it is poisonous and is used to kill insects and bugs.

These measures can be used by home owners to avoid paying extra when taking professional pest control services.

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