Affordable Ways to Spruce Up Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom should reflect exactly what kind of person you are. If you’re the messy, irresponsible type, your bedroom may well be the kind of place others would only enter in the event of an emergency.

Fortunately, there are ways of sprucing up your bedroom and adding a bit of vibrancy without spending too much money. Money definitely should not be seen as an obstacle to having nice bedspreads.


Do a deep clean 

The emphasis, here, is on ‘deep’. Firstly, remove all items from the room, if you can. Once all the clutter is out of the way, it’s time to open fire with your house cleaners. Get all the cobwebs and dirt out of there, wipe all the surfaces clean and get those old mugs and glasses out of there!

This is absolutely necessary if you’re thinking of redecorating. You need to wipe the slate completely clean if you expect to get any redecorating or sprucing-up done.


Edit your room 

You should always remember that less is more when it comes to décor. Unless you really love the horror vacui style of décor, where there simply cannot be an empty space anywhere, you should ‘edit’ your room so that all the unnecessary items get chucked out or packed away.

Having one or two posters will be better than cramming every single one you have up against each other. Storage comes into the equation here, too. Make sure there’s a place for everything in your room and make sure you follow your own rules when it comes to putting things back where they belong!


Paint your room 

If tidiness and being organised is not an issue for you and you feel like your room is lacking a certain something, you’d be amazed at how much difference a fresh coat of paint can do.

If it’s the sickly lilac colour or that really weird moldy green paint on the wall that’s been getting you down, you don’t need to spend loads of money on new furniture. You just need to pick a more appropriate colour.


Tie the room together 

Like with a new coat of paint, you’d be equally surprised at how much a new rug or carpet can really change the entire vibe of the room. A cuddly, furry one will make your room feel more comfortable as soon as you place it down.

Alternatively, you could tie the room together with a new theme, if you can think of one that reflects your personality and tastes appropriately.

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