Clean Water for the Lowest Cost

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Regardless of their water source, people want safe drinking water free from contaminates. In urban areas, consumers trust public officials to supply safe water, but in rural areas, individuals are responsible for testing their own water supply. Nevertheless, both groups want safe water at a minimum cost.

Although people cannot change their water rates or supplies, they can use water more efficiently and improve its quality. Even in urban areas where water is treated, people can use Whole House water softener systems to improve the quality of their water.

Improving Water Quality

Untreated water may contain viruses, bacteria, salts, metals, organic chemicals and other contaminates. People using wells should have their water tested periodically. Older wells may become contaminated at any time.

Since the EPA has established primary standards for tap water provided by public water systems, people may assume that it is safe. Although the quality of your water meets the EPA standards, you may improve the quality by using filters and softeners. Check out these helpful suggestions for improving water quality.

Improving Water Flow

Water in the ground absorbs whatever it passes through. Calcium and magnesium are particular problems because they cause your water to be hard. Hard water prevents your soap form dissolving, and your clothes aren’t as clean as you want them to be. In addition, the soap that doesn’t completely dissolve clogs your plumbing.

Since clogged pipes can be a major cause of low water pressure, you can avoid these problems by using water softeners. Some geographical areas have greater problems with hard water than others.

With galvanized pipes, you may find that the aerator at the faucet’s tip is the problem. You many need to clean it or replace it. The cost is less than a plumber’s house call.

Be certain that the water pressure coming into your house is adequate. If you can determine that the problem is correctable by the water company, you won’t need a plumber.

Check out these helpful suggestions for improving water flow:

Water Filters

Even though hard water may not be your problem, a good water filter can remove unwanted contaminates from your water. Although the EPA has set primary standards, but there are many contaminates that may be in your tap water. For example, people whose water systems contain chlorine have a 93 percent higher risk of getting cancer than those whose water systems do not contain chlorine. You can learn about the benefits of various water filters and how to compare water filters.

Saving Money on Your Water Bill

  • Be certain that all taps are turned off. Repair leaks immediately.
  • Place a brick in your toilet tank
  • Measure the water you use to water you lawn in a coffee can. When it rains, you can deduct that amount on the days that you water your lawn.

You can find other way to save your money at Saving Money on Water.

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