Disney’s Magic Kingdom Again

After spending not one but two consecutive days in Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we decided to return to Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

There were some favorites which we wanted to visit as well as some attractions which we did not have time to enjoy on our first day in what many refer to as the happiest place on earth. We arrived at Magic Kingdom very early in the day to avoid the crowds for the most popular attractions on our list.

Adventure Land

01 MAY 2012 DW 024 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

The first attraction we visited was the Jungle Cruise. It had been many years since we had enjoyed this attraction.

01 MAY 2012 DW 025 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

We waited for the special boat, the Wamba Wanda with the specialized wheel chair platform.

01 MAY 2012 DW 029 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

I had forgotten how fun this attraction is; the guide’s shtick was very funny. He had all of the people on our boat laughing a lot.

01 MAY 2012 DW 034 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

As well, I could be mistaken but there seemed to be more things to see during the approximately 12 minute boat ride.

01 MAY 2012 DW 039 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

After we enjoyed the Jungle Cruise we went next door to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

01 MAY 2012 DW 044 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

This was another which typically has large lines so it is a good idea to get to it very early in the day.

Main Street U.S.A. Attractions

Next we headed over to Main Street U.S.A.

01 MAY 2012 DW 053 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

We had made an appointment at the working Harmony Barber Shop, located beside the Fire Hall to have my daughter’s hair cut with Pixie Dust on top.

01 MAY 2012 DW 105 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

While we waited, we saw a very cute parade go by on Main Street U.S.A.

01 MAY 2012 DW 127 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

We also visited some of the local shops like this one.

01 MAY 2012 DW 061 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

There were some wonderful Disney art on display as well as other items I had not seen in any other Disney store.

01 MAY 2012 DW 111 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

After the haircut, we were on our way over to the Starlight Cafe to have lunch. It started to rain so we ducted into Monsters Inc. Laugh Factory. It was a slightly different show than the one we saw a few days earlier.

Starlight Cafe

Lunch was then on the menu. icon smile Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

 01 MAY 2012 DW 160 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

The place was packed except on the group of counters where we wanted to order our meal!

The salad was excellent as was the thick turkey sandwich.

Next, we were trying to may our way back and it started to rain again so, yes, once again we ducked into Monsters Inc. Laugh Factory for another slightly different show.

01 MAY 2012 DW 171 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

Once this was done we were able to arrive at our destination, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, the wonderful 3D short movie which is always quite enjoyable.

01 MAY 2012 DW 154 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

On our way back down Main Street U.S.A. to the park’s exit, we enjoyed many of the store front window displays such as the Snow White window display picture above.

Back to Animal Kingdom for Dinner

We weren’t terribly hungry, so after arriving back at our room at Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House we went to the casual dining restaurant of Mara.

01 MAY 2012 DW 183 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

Here we enjoyed some delicious food.

01 MAY 2012 DW 184 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

Mine was the Lamb Stew which was one of the daily specials; it was quite tasty.

01 MAY 2012 DW 187 Disneys Magic Kingdom Again

My daughter had chicken Cesar salad which came with a large amount of chicken.

Once finished we called it a day.

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  1. Vicky says:

    I was on the Wamba Wanda many years ago with my husband and my kids.

    The kids thought it was the awesomest thing they had ever seen. Me and my husband loved it too.

    I really need to go back there sometime.

    Ahh… memories!

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