Best 10 Home Heating Savings Tips

The best 10 home heating savings tips will be different for each house hold.


What are the best ways to save on home heating costs for one person are not the best for someone else.

The best 10 home heating savings tips for someone who does not want to spend any money are only going to include 10 ideas that cost nothing do do.

Yet, for someone who wants the 10 ways to reduce their heating costs in the winter regardless of the cost, this type of person will likely have very, very expensive ways to reduce heating costs on their best 10 list.

For someone who only wants easy ways to lower their home heating costs in the winter, they would want a list like this which contains 10 easy ways to lower your heating bills.

Everyone has different motivations and living situations.

Best 10 Home Heating Savings Tips

Here then is my collection of the ten best ways to lower your home heating bills. It will include some very expensive ideas, some home heating savings ideas which are easy to do, other ideas which cost nothing yet will save you money on your home heating usage, and so on.

So, hopefully, there is something for everyone.

1. Downsize – It costs less to heat a smaller home than a larger home.

2. Family Meetings – The more a family talks about the cost of heating, the different ways each family member can contribute to lowering the cost, the more successful you will be in lowering your home heating bills.

3. Turn It Down – Even with a programmable thermostat, the more often you turn it down when no one is home, the more money you will save to heat your house in the winter.

4. Drink Hot Beverages – The more often you drink hot coffee and hot tea throughout a winter’s day, the lower the temperature you can keep your house.

5. Throw Blankets – The more you use throw blankets and snugglies, just like the more you use extra layers of clothing, the warmer you will feel and the lower you can set your thermostat

6. Blinds Open On Sunny Days – Letting more of the sun and natural outdoor light will inside will help reduce the frequency that your furnace has to run to keep your house sufficiently warm.

7. Insulation In The Attic – Since warm air rises, having sufficient (and even excessive) insulation in your attic will do a remarkable job in keeping your house warm for you.

8. Empty Rooms – Keeping the vents and doors closed in rooms which are not being used will help keep the heat flowing to the areas of the home which are used.

9. Read Your Heating Bills – Don’t just read how much you have to pay this month. Read the details of your heating bill; see how much you used last year at the same time to measure your progress in lowering your heating bill. Let everyone else in the house read it too!

10. Go To Bed Early – The sooner you are under the covers, the sooner you can lower the temperature setting on your thermostat and reduce the amount of your heating bill.

And there you have it, our 10 best home heating savings tips.

I hope you start using even just a few of them to save your money this and every winter to come.

Remember, to view all of our 110+ winter heating savings ideas, simply access our free Home Energy and Water Savings Guide, also accessible under the Green Savings tab above.

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