Easy Ways To Lower Home Heating Costs

Money Easy Ways To Lower Home Heating CostsIf you are the person paying your home’s heating bills, you are likely looking for ways to lower or reduce your home heating costs.

Fear not, you are not alone; we are here to help.

What constantly surprises me is how many people forget that there are so many easy ways to save money by reducing the cost of heating a home,

What follows are just 10 of the easy ways we have collected to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your home this and every winter regardless of whether you heat your home with natural gas, home heating oil, radiant heaters or electricity.

 1. Close Window Coverings

When it is cold outside, on cloudy days or at night close the drapes, shades, etc. which you have on  your windows. This will reduce the impact from the cold temperature of the windows (caused by the low outside air temperature) on the temperature inside your home and thus lessen the frequency your furnace, etc. needs to run.

2. Open Window Coverings On Sunny Days

To save money on heating your home, simply pull back or open the drapes, shades, etc. you have on the inside of your windows. This will let the direct sunlight into your home which will help keep it warm so your furnace, etc. doesn’t have to work as hard or often.

3. Ensure Exterior Doors Are Fully Closed

By simply getting into the habit of checking the doors leading to the outside, you prevent huge air leaks from letting in cold outside air into your home.

4. Ensure Windows are Fully Closed

This actually happened to me this year. I went around and locked all the windows in the house but forgot to check that each window was fully closed before locking them. Some locking mechanisms on windows will appear to be engaged, but it doesn’t mean that the window is actually closed. How to check? Simply try to open each window once it is locked. If it opens, simply unlock it followed by shutting it completely and then re-locking it.

5. Layered Clothing in Winter

By keeping yourself warm during the day through multiple layers of clothing, you reduce the temperature of the air inside your home at which you will feel comfortable.

6. Sleep Under Extra Blankets

Similar to the easy way to reduce your home’s heating bills above, the more comfortable you feel when in bed the lower the temperature setting you can have on your home’s thermostat.

7. Close Vents in Unused Rooms

Why heat rooms in your home when they are not being used. Simply closing the heating vents in unused rooms will cause the heated air from your furnace to go to other rooms in your home and heat them faster, causing your furnace to run less frequently.

8. Turn Down Heat At Night

This can save you a lot of money. Simply have the temperature setting on your thermostat a good 5 to 8 degrees lower at night when you are in bed. You are under all those blankets so you will still be nice and warm.

9. Turn Down Heat When Out For Errands

When you are out during the day running errands, grocery shopping, out to the movie theater and so on, simply remember to turn down the temperature setting on your thermostat. Why heat the house when no one is home?

10. Turn Down Heat When At Work

Similar to the idea above, each day when you leave for work make sure the temperature reading on your thermostat is lowered to no higher than the setting you use at night, possibly even lower.

There are ten simply ways to lower your home’s heating bills this and every winter. What additional easy ways to you use?

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