Save Money By Lowering Home Heating Costs

Is it possible to do some serious damage to your home heating bill?


And by damage we mean significantly reduce how much it costs you to heat your home each winter.

Soon the bills from all the money you spent on Christmas gifts and from your New Year’s Eve partying will arrive at your door … along with the cold weather.

If you are looking for extra money to pay for your holiday expenses, why not use the money you already have by taking action to lower your winter heating costs.

Green Home Savings

Our Green Savings page lists more than 530, yes that’s more than five hundred and thirty, ways to save your money by lowering your household’s heating, electrical and water utility bills.

Some actions, such as increasing the amount of insulation in your house’s attic, are not cheap and typically will require you to pay a professional do the task for you yet is a one time action to take that will save you a lot of money on both your winter heating bills and your summer air conditioning costs; this gives you a double dip of savings.

programmable thermostat Save Money By Lowering Home Heating Costs

Other money saving actions within the huge collection, such as remembering to turn the temperature setting on the thermostat down (even a programmable thermostat) when you go out  in the winter to run errands leaving no one in the house except for Fido or Fluffy cost you nothing to do, are simple for anyone to do, will lower your heating bill to save you money yet you have to actually take that action again and again and again.

Everyone is different on how much effort they are willing to do and money they are willing to spend in order to save money, even on home heating bills.

Top Ten Home Heating Savings Tips

The New Year is the time for all kinds of of top ten lists.

And, most of them are subjective.

Here is my top ten home heating savings list for our consideration and usage, with links to prior articles written about each for more information. All of these items are within our Free Home Energy & Water Cost Savings Collection:

  1. Attic Insulation
  2. Programmable Thermostat
  3. Turn Down Thermostat Temperature When Out
  4. Wear Slippers
  5. Apply Duct Tape On Heating Ducts
  6. Insulate Light Switches On Exterior Walls Inside House
  7. Insulate Electrical Outlets on Exterior Walls Inside House
  8. Child Proof Covers In Electrical Outlets on Exterior Walls Inside House
  9. Wash Windows To Maximize Direct Sun Light Into House
  10. Proper Caulking Around Window and Door Frames

This list includes some which cost nothing to do, some which are habits, some which are one time actions, some which will save you a lot on your heating bill, some which will save you a little each day on your heating bill, and so on.

Help pay for those Christmas and New Year’s credit card bills by lowering your heating costs this winter and each winter thereafter.

What is your own top ten list of actions you take to reduce your own home heating bills that could help others?

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