Repairing Wheels on The Total Gym

And, while we wait for the post-Delta Faucet Canada Kitchen Faucet Contest article, here is something a little bit different.

What is this contraption and why is it on its side?

Total Gym 1000 On Side Repairing Wheels on The Total Gym

This is my many years old Total Gym 1000 (yes, the 1000 model is the cheapest version they sell).

You know this one; it is the one with Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley in those TV infomercials.

Total Gym 1000 On Side Injured Repairing Wheels on The Total Gym

There is a close-up of the injured Total Gym 1000 on its side.

I`ve had mine for, as mentioned, years and years. Recently, I have started to focus more on my eating habits and general health, including my weight.

After using this in home exercise machine, which I really like by the way, for a couple of weeks I noticed it stopped gliding up and down seamlessly; rather, the `ride`was on the bumpy side. And, I was noticing there were shards of black rubbery plastic appearing underneath on the ground.

When I turned it over this is what I saw.

Total Gym 1000 Brocken Wheel Repairing Wheels on The Total Gym

One of the wheels had begun to, well, disintegrate as you can see from the picture above.

Repair, Not Replace, The Total Gym 1000

After spending a few minutes on the internet, I found this company called Huck Products down (for me) in Monroe Tennessee which sells replacement parts for all of the different versions of the Total Gym.

I placed my order on-line and waited about 2 and a half weeks for the replacement wheel to arrive.

Total Gym Replacement Wheel from Huck Products Repairing Wheels on The Total Gym

What arrived was the above pictured package containing both the replacement wheel and 5 or so washers to act as spacers if needed when you install the placement wheel. It also came with installation instructions which I did find useful.

Installing The Huck Products Replacement Wheels for The Total Gym 1000

The removal of the old wheel and the replacement of the new wheel was pretty simple and took only about 10 minutes (OK, so I am a little slow on things I haven`t tried previously icon wink Repairing Wheels on The Total Gym ).

The instructions say to use two wrenches, one to hold the exposed end of the bolt on the outside and the other to turn the nut on the inside.

Here is what I used:

Total Gym Damaged Wheel Being Removed Repairing Wheels on The Total Gym

I found this multi-headed wrench I purchased many years ago very useful. In fact, I used it to turn the outside of the bolt while using the wrench to hold the nut in order to unscrew the bolt.

Total Gym Damaged and Replacement Wheel Repairing Wheels on The Total Gym

I was careful to check to see how the original wheel was installed before removing it completely.

I then placed the new wheel in the same position and inserted the bolt so the inside end of the bolt passed completely through the new wheel.

Total Gym With New Spacer Washer Repairing Wheels on The Total Gym

I then placed one of the spacer washers provided by Huck Products as indicated in the instructions (it is the silver washer in the picture above).

Next I use the same two tools to screw the bolt into the nut.

Total Gym 1000 With New Wheel and Spacer Washer Repairing Wheels on The Total Gym

Again, it is surprisingly easy to do; even I could do it …. I did!

Total Gym 1000 Fixed Repairing Wheels on The Total Gym

So, who knew that when a piece of home exercise equipment breaks, you don`t have to get rid of it. After all, you spent all that money right, even on a least expensive entry level model like the Total Gym 1000?

Thank you, Randy of Huck Products for your assistance.

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  1. Marisa says:

    Dear Dan,
    I just wanted to tell you that your instruction were very, very helpful about replacing the guide wheels on my Total Gym. It goes to show that you need the right tools every time! and the right instructions…
    Thanks again,

    • Marisa says:

      Dear Dan,
      I just wanted to tell you that your instruction were very, very helpful about replacing the guide wheels on my Total Gym. It goes to show that you need the right tools every time! and the right instructions…
      Thanks again,

  2. Peter says:

    Hi Dan.

    Great article; nice pictures and straight forward step by step instructions.

    Was there any reason you only replaced one wheel and not all four?

    It would have been good to read a little comparison on the differences between the older original wheels and the new one you replaced it with.

    I have a similar model Total Gym and one of the wheels recently gave up the ghost and is now shredded.

    I live in Australia and the postage for one wheel is more than the cost of the wheel, so its almost a no brainer purchasing four wheels so I have spares for latter down the track.

    Did you only order the one wheel or do you have spares for next time one of them gives up on you?


    • Dan says:

      Hi Peter,

      I only purchased one as the other three for some reason were not nearly as worn down.

      In your position I would order four re postage.

      The unit is currently in storage until we move into our new home that is being built … yet I plan to put it back to good use once we are fully relocated.


  3. Rich says:

    Sorry, your instructions are all screwed up, just like your Total Gym was; when assembled. Use your own brain, not the one from Total Gym.Notice that you seat with four rolers rides on two fifferent set of raild. The lower rollers ride on rails spaced abou 11″ apart; but the upper rails are spaced about 9″ apart. The lower rollers should be installed on the outer wall of the roller brackets, facing inward, as you found them. However, the upper rollers should be mounted to the inner side of the roller bracket facing outward. As soon as you do this, you will notice that your seat doesn’t get snagged and damage the rollers. So much for Total GYP!

  4. Ron says:

    Thanks for the write-up. It helped. I also wanted to let you know that I did some internet digging and found that Huck does not manufacture the rollers in the USA, as they say. It didn’t make any sense to me that these would be made in the US, since they are not a product that is typically made here.

    Sure enough, I found the manufacturer in China: Zhangjiakou Kenuo Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.. Because of Huck was dishonest about something so stupid, and plastered Jesus on their website, I will not do business with them.

    • Randy Huck says:

      Hi Ron
      I don’t know what you found that makes you think that I don’t make the wheels that I sell, but it is totally false. I have 2 Hardinge CNC lathes and lots of other equipment that I use to make my wheels and other parts. I have spent over $800,000 for the equipment and I make every wheel that I sell. There are pictures of some of my equipment on youtube videos on my new web-site,

      Also, I do my work as directed in the Bible, as unto the Lord, Jesus Christ. I make my wheels as if Jesus would use them himself, hopefully to last almost forever. Jesus is the motivation in my life and I put my testimony of how He showed me that He is real on the web-site for anybody who is interested to read.

  5. Noel Dowling says:

    One black roller wheel has broken on my 30 year old Total gym. How can I order 4 new ones and how do I pay for them -Pay pal?

  6. hosein says:

    can you tell me where to place an order for this wheel
    i got Total Shaper and i think it’s similar to 1000 or 1500


  7. wilson says:

    Good Morning,
    Were did you find the rollers / rubber rollers of total gym 1000? How much did it cost? I live in Switzerland.
    My rollers were broken and the seat no longer slides. I need 4 of this.
    thank you

  8. Carl Edwards says:

    Hi Dan cau you buy these wheels in the UK

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