Replacing The Shower Head

Replacing the shower head in your bathroom is, frequently, much easier than you might think.

Was it ‘that’ easy for me?

You know better, right? icon wink Replacing The Shower Head

We recently received a free shower head from Delta Faucet call the In2ition model 58045.

In2ition Shower Head Installed Replacing The Shower Head

You have seen the very cute TV commercials about this product all over the internet so I won’t repeat them here.

Now, this shower head is not water savings. Yet, I installed it in the shared / guest bathroom in our home. We don’t have a lot of guests and when we do we like them to be very comfortable.

In2ition Shower Head Packaging Replacing The Shower Head

Now, this shower head comes in three main parts as shown above. The packaging  of each part as shown above was very nice. I especially liked the special care they took at either end of the hose to ensure it was not scratched.

In2ition Shower Head Hose Replacing The Shower Head

Notice the easily removable plastic covering at either end and the soft tissue paper in between.

In2ition Shower Head Hose Covering Replacing The Shower Head

It is too bad; I ended up having to scratch one of my hose ends during the installation (but likely you won’t have to).

Ensure The Hose Is Fully Secured To the Shower Head

Now, removing the old shower head was very easy; I simply turned it counter clock wise.

Old Shower Head Replacing The Shower Head

Then I simply placed the fixed shower head onto the shower arm by turning it clock wise; very simple.

In2ition Shower Head Fixed Head Installed Replacing The Shower Head

I then continued to follow the installation instructions and screwed one end of the hose onto the fixed shower head. All of these steps are supposed to be done by hand. Yet, this is how far I could screw the hose onto this fixed shower head component of the In2ition shower head.

In2ition Shower Head Hose Connected Replacing The Shower Head

Notice the end of the hose is not snug against the fixed shower head; there remains some of the threaded connection onto which the hose end could be screwed.  Compare to the picture below where the other end of the hose is fully screwed onto the threaded connection of the removable shower head; see how snug it is?

In2ition Shower Head Removable Shower Head Replacing The Shower Head

Big deal? Well yes.

In2ition Shower Head Leak Replacing The Shower Head

If you look very closely you will see water coming out from both the top of the hose end as well as from the lower portion of the hose end. Why? Because I could not screw by hand the hose end all the way up the threaded connection; the hose end was just too smooth for me to do this by hand.

What would be very useful would be to provide in the packaging box a small piece of cloth that had just a little tack to it to help the installer securely hold on to the smooth ends of the hose when attempting to screw onto the fixed or movable shower heads.

Delta Faucet listened to us a while back when we reviewed their Pilar Kitchen Faucet with the Touch2O technology when we indicated in our refiew that they need to group the installation parts into separate mini-bags and lable them step 1, step 2, etc. to correspond with the installation instructions. Perhaps they will consider our suggestion here as well. icon smile Replacing The Shower Head

In the end I had to use a wrench which, yes, did scratch just a little the hose end. Yet, it did allow me to fully screw the hose end up the entire threaded hose connection so it was snug to the fixed shower head. You can see a couple of the scratches the wrench made in the picture below.

In2ition Shower Head Lead Due To End Installation Replacing The Shower Head

Once this was done, there were no leaks in the In2ition shower head by Delta Faucet.

In2ition Shower Head Operating Replacing The Shower Head

Other than this one issue, the installation was very, very easy.

And, now my guests will have the best of both worlds, a fixed and a removable shower head at the same time.

Thank you Delta Faucet!

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