Caroma Flow Shower Head Review

A few weeks ago we were offered a free Caroma Flow Shower head to try and review.

So, we had our occasional product tester, Harvey, install and try out this new water saving shower head and report back to us.

This water saving product is sold world wide at plumbing and bathroom fixtures supply stores.

Water Savings Shower Head

According to the manufacturer, the Caroma Flow Showerhead provides  a nominal flow rate of 1.5gpm/5.7L at 80 psi, providing a saving up to 10 gallons more water than the standard 2.5gpm shower head for a 10-minute shower.

Caroma Flow Showerhead 1 Caroma Flow Shower Head Review

There are two flow settings; a more narrow concentrated spray rinse flow with heavier droplets and a wider spray flow for greater surface coverage.

Caroma Flow Shower Head Installation

Of course, before you can use the Caroma Flow Shower Head you have to install it, right? How hard is that?

It is a two step process, according to the installation instructions which come with the showerhead.

Step 1 – Remove the old showerhead, shown in the picture below. Notice the many spaces between the streams of water coming out of the old showerhead.

Old Shwoer Head Caroma Flow Shower Head Review

Step 2 – Place plumbers tape at the end of the now exposed water line and screw on the Caroma Flow Shower Head.

Caroma Flow Showerhead Installed Caroma Flow Shower Head Review

Even Harvey did it all by himself! icon smile Caroma Flow Shower Head Review

How Did The Caroma Flow Shower Head Perform?

You know the saying ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?”

Well, it is the same thing when it comes to taking a shower.

I learned that very fact as part of an invitation-only blogger event at a global kitchen and lavatory faucet company of which we have previously written a few articles.

What ‘feels right‘ to one person may not to another.

First, how does the water flow compare?

Well you have the picture above the stream of water from Harvey’s old, non-water saving shower head.

Now, immediately below is the water stream from the Caroma Flow Shower Head.

Caroma Flow Showerhead In Action Caroma Flow Shower Head Review

Notice the absence of the ‘dead spaces’ within the water flow stream from the Caroma unit.

Here is Harvey’s take on the two  water flow settings:

“Normal [setting] provides a slightly wider spray and hence a little less dense, but because its wider, it covers the body better
Rinse [setting] provides the narrower spray, more dense, but more ”targeted” so you need to move around more to rinse yourself off.”

And, regarding the performance when taking a shower (sorry, no cheese cake pictures of Harvey actually taking a shower icon smile Caroma Flow Shower Head Review ):

“Design wise, an attractive unit.

Functionality: I have hard water, so despite this being a low-flow, I can clean and rinse myself sufficiently and feel like the soap is off my body.

If I had soft water, I would likely stay in the shower longer, defeating the purpose of a low-flow shower head.

Also, I prefer a stronger flow, so the normal setting, even though providing a wider spray, doesn’t really feel like you are getting wet enough; the volume of the water is neither dense nor strong enough for me.  I do not like the rinse setting, the spray is too narrow.”

As I said, taking a shower and how the water feels when it reaches your skin is a very personal thing. What might not feel right for Harvey may feel right for you.

Also remember that water saving statistics from any faucet or showerhead will only be achieved if your own use does not increase because of the reduced amount of water flowing out of the faucet or shower head.

So, if you do not have a water savings showerhead, consider the Caroma Flow Shower Head and try it for yourself. It is easy to install and just make sure you are aware of the return policy of the store from where you purchase the unit, as you should be for any product you purchase for your home.

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  1. Jerry B. says:

    Thanks for this review! The pressure in my older home is closer to 40psi. Any idea what your pressure is or how this would perform at lower pressures?

  2. Harvey says:

    Hi Jerry, I have no ideas what my PSI is. However, the Caroma website rates this shower head at a flow rate of 1.5 gal per minute at 80 PSI. I also have a Water Pik Eco Rain showerhead rate at 2 gal per minute. Slightly less efficient, but a big difference in performance.

  3. Patrick Gericke says:

    Dan, I see no mention of electricity savings as well if there are any. Both showers looked great and no doubt give a wonderful shower. BUT IN SA WE ARE GOING FOR ELECTRICITY SAVINGS AS WELL.Remember the bathroom/toilet takes up approx 40% of water usage by a household and considerable electricity.

    Patrick Gericke
    South Africa

  4. Dan says:

    Well, Patrick,

    I guess electricity savings related to a low flow shower head would come into play when electricity is used to heat the hot water. Many homes do not use electricty up in these parts but natural gas.

    Any form of energy used to heat the hot water would of course be saved with any low flow showerhead. Exactly how much is subject to many, many variables …. including how the shower water feels to the person taking the shower, how well it disburses the shampoo from the hair, etc.


    • Patrick Gericke says:

      Thanks Dan,

      I have not really studied what savings there are but there are at least a dozen companies selling them here from all over the world and from all accounts they are very comfortable.(I will be doing it shortly) Remember that the bathroom/toilet uses at least 40% of both water and electricity consumption in this country and we are working on trying to get this down radically. My Light and Water utilities Bill has gone up at least 100% since the beginning of the year due both to consumption (Could not care less attitude by some users. I have 3 cottages as well as the large house on my large property) and the Municipal/Corporations 30% increase during the year. I attended a show in our regional Capital; Pietermaritzburg today and got some good insight to conservation and Energy Savings. Patrick

  5. Cameron says:


    When considering the associated power savings related to the heating of the water, you must take into account that most low-flow shower heads add air into the stream, before it’s shot out of the showhead. This air injection causes the water to be cooler when it reaches your body. As a result, you’re going to turn up the shower temp at your faucet, causing your hot water tank to work harder.

    • Dan says:

      Interesting Cameron.

      Have you seen any studies on this aspect? This is the first I have heard about this.

      I wasn’t aware that air was injected into the water. Which specific products do this?


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