Scotts EZ Seed Refund

Back in early July I wrote our last article comparing Scotts EZ Seed with Canada Green All-In-One lawn repair kits.

As indicate and shown with pictures in that article I compared these two lawn repair products for lawns in two areas.

Scotts EZ Seed vs Canada Green Velocity Patch Plus Scotts EZ Seed Refund

One area was against our east wall which received very little direct sun light.

Canada Green and Scotts Turf Builder Scotts EZ Seed Refund

The second area was in our south facing back yard which receives quite a bit of direct sun light.

Back Yard Lawn Repair Area Scotts EZ Seed Refund

In the end, after numerous weeks, I recommended neither product for a variety of reasons.

Do check out the comparison article referenced above for how each lawn repair product performed in either the sunny or shady area of our lawn.

Refund Check

One difference between the packaging of these two competing lawn repair kits was that the Scotts EZ Seed container indicated a full refund if I was not completely satisfied.

There was no such guarantee or promise of a refund on the Canada Green package.

So, on July 1, 2012 I contacted the customer service department of Scotts, provided them with the details of my situation and was given a claim number to use when I mailed in the receipt for my purchase (always keep the receipt!) of their EZ Seed product as well as the mailing address of the customer service department in Marysville, Ohio.

Yesterday, just over 4 weeks later, Canadian postal strike and all, I received in the mail the letter from Michael Sites, Consumer Response Representative of The Scotts Company, together with their check for $19 and change, the cost of the EZ Seed product.

Nicely done, Scotts.

So, two lessons.

One, keep the receipt!

Two, look for than money back guarantee.

Canada Green, are you listening? Why don’t you provide the same money back guarantee on your product?


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  1. mel dale says:

    On June 3rd I informed u that ur ez seed which I paid $67.79 INC> tax
    did not work. Ur site said u would answer in 2 to 4 days? I am still awaiting a reply.It is now 9 days. My phone # 416 407 5758
    Please get back to me.

  2. J says:

    We had the same problem with Canada Green! We patched some areas with the seed, and they grew quickly, but the colour is much lighter than our sod, and they grow maddenly fast. It looks like our lawn has weeds, but it’s actually just the Canada Green growing too fast. Two days after mowing, the Canada Green patches are already double the height of the rest of the lawn.
    What did you do to fix the problem??

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