Our New Favourite Pet Store

Freshly Groomed Cookapoo 150x150 Our New Favourite Pet StoreThis is Sandy. She is a Cockapoo badly in need of a summer hair cut (but you would not know it from the picture which was taken after her recent grooming); yet our long time groom was away on vacation this week.

So, we ended up finding our new favourite pet store and their dog grooming services.

Who might that be?

The pet store is called The Bone & Biscuit Company which focuses on natural pet food products. They have under 12 locations in various provinces in Canada including Alberta and Ontario.

The location of this Bone & Biscuit Company store is in Ajax, Ontario on Kingston Road in what the locals call The Costco Plaza (even though that is not its official name); it is amongst the half dozen or so stores tucked in behind The Keg Seafood and Steakhouse Restaurant.

Now I don’t have a picture of the store front or its inside.

Heck, I don’t even have a picture of Nicole, its very charming Owner / Operator or Tiz who groomed Sandy.


It is because every prior pet store or veterinary office I have been in was pretty much the same with that familiar ‘pet odor’ as you enter the store with the grooming area tucked behind a wall and with the very narrow isles .

It was so unexpected that I didn’t bring my camera.

How This Pet Store Is Different – 1

Is starts with the owner. And no, I am not referring to Nicole’s natural charm (which, yes, she has in abundance).

I am also not referring to the fact that when I entered the store for my first time just in case Sandy, our Cockapoo, was finished her grooming appointment (my wife had dropped her off earlier in the day) I told Nicole that I was “…here to pick up the cutest dog in the store .” she paused and then said ‘Would that be Sandy?’ (true story).

When I invest in any company (no I have no financial or personal interest in The Bone & Biscuit Company) I look to see among other things how much stock the executives personally own. Are they financially invested in the financial success of their company; being financial invested in a company also creates emotional investment.

For pet stores I find comfort if the owner actually likes animals and even better if they own and live with animals.

Nicole? She said she has several cats and dogs. Living with your clients to me provides great insights and natural empathy I think; it creates and reinforces that emotional investment.

And, she knows her products. Since Sandy was getting the finishing touches from Tiz I had a few minutes to walk around the store. I ended up asking Nicole about a treat which would be appropriate for Sandy yet not cause her to gain weight as Sandy is almost 10 years old.

Nicole recommended this bag of PureBites freeze dried beef liver dog treats, mentioning to simply give Sandy about 1/3 of a piece at any one time and the bag should last for a couple of months or so.

Freeze Dryed Beef Liver Dog Treats Our New Favourite Pet Store

And, yes Sandy does like them, Nicole! icon smile Our New Favourite Pet Store

How This Pet Store Is Different – 2

The second difference is the physical store itself.

When you open the door and walk in, you notice right away something is missing; there is no pet / animal / animal food smell.

This is the first pet store I can recall where I didn’t immediately get that pet store wiff!

That was a very nice and refreshing change.

Another major difference was that the aisles were nice and wide so I could walk around with ease.

Usually pet stores are stuffed with as much product crammed  into as small a space as possible.

I actually felt very comfortable and relaxed in Nicole’s store.

How This Pet Store Is Different – 3

The last major difference is the grooming area.

In this, my new favourite pet store, yes the grooming area is towards the rear of the store behind a wall.

Yet, when you go towards the entrance of the grooming area you notice that it has a glass door with glass on either side.

This is great. You can actually see what is happening to your dog or cat as they are being groomed.

Heck there are even a couple of chairs for us humans to sit on immediately outside the grooming area so we can watch the entire grooming process if we want.

My wife found it fascinating to watch the early part of Sandy being groomed before she had to leave for work.

And, who can argue with this result? icon smile Our New Favourite Pet Store

Groomed Sandy Our New Favourite Pet Store

Nicely done, Tiz!

The only thing missing could be Notre Dame pet clothes / collars or a Notre Dame floor mat like the one in the above picture taken in my home office (OK, OK … so Notre Dame pet gear really doesn’t sell outside of South Bend, Indiana or perhaps Chicago, Illinois).

And the only issue I have is the URL for the web site. Personally I think they need to come up with something far shorter than www.theboneandbiscuitcompany.com. Yet, if that is the only thing I could find issue with they are likely on to something.

So, if you have a pet dog or cat, want to keep it healthy by feeding it natural pet food and treats as well as perhaps want need grooming services and live out east of the GTA stop by Nicole’s Bone & Biscuit Company store. Sure, tell Nicole that Sandy’s dad says hi!

Nicole’s location is having its first anniversary in mid-August. Seems to me it will be around for a long time once the word gets out (which I think it already has).

Or if you are in Edmonton, Kelowna, Kamloops, Fort McMurray, St. Albert check out your own The Bone and Biscuit Company locations. More are to open soon.

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  1. Barbara andersen says:

    Hi – where can I get those purebites / DK? Kind regards Barbara.

    • Dan says:

      Hi Barbara,
      You can buy them at the Bone and Biscuit store in Ajax, Ontario. The franchise has other stores throughout most Canadian provinces.

      If you do to to the Ajax location, please tell Nicole (the owner) that we said ‘Hi’ and our dog Sandy says ‘Woof’ :)


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