Re-Installing Lawn Mower Solar Charging Station

I mentioned last week that into my 3rd season with the Solaris cordless electric lawn mower I needed to purchase replacement batteries.

What I did not know was that I was purchasing just the batteries.

I had thought that I would also receive the part placed on top when the batteries were being recharged, either from within its solar charging station or when plugged into the wall electric outlet.

My bad.

Replacement Solaris Baatteries Charging1 Re Installing Lawn Mower Solar Charging Station

Notice in the above picture the cradle on top of the new pair of batteries on the right being charged via the wall electric outlet yet I could not recharge the old pair because there was no cradle on top of it.

When I mentioned this to Linamar Consumer Products, the manufacturers of the Solaris, Epic and Utopia cordless electric lawn mower, they sent me this part.

That was very nice of them, considering my above noted 3 year review was not that kind.

Now, with the second cradle I was able to re-install the solar charging station to charge the older batteries.

Why not? They still had the capability for about 2/5′s charge which I could use when the new pair of batteries could not hold sufficient charge to mow my entire lawn.

Solar Charging Station for Lawn Mower

Now that this has become an annual spring task for me, it literally took just a couple of minutes to install the entire solar charging station for the Solaris lawn mower’s batteries.

Here are all the tools I had ready to use to re-install the solar panel (2 foot by 2 foot):

Solar Charging Station and Installation Tools Re Installing Lawn Mower Solar Charging Station

In fact, I didn’t use all of them.

First, I removed the caulking I had applied last fall from the 5 holes used by the solar panel: four holes to secure the solar panel to the plastic outdoor bench and one hole into which the cable would be placed from the small solar panel inside the covered bench to connect to the solar charging station.

Removing Caulking From Bench Holes Re Installing Lawn Mower Solar Charging Station
Next, I simply placed a screw and washer into each of the four securing holes from underneath the bench top.

Preparing Bench Cover For Solar Panel Brackets Re Installing Lawn Mower Solar Charging Station

Next I placed the brackets attached to the solar panel, still on from last year, onto the top of the bench top such that the four screws went through the aligned holes within the brackets.

Securing Solar Panel To Bench Top Re Installing Lawn Mower Solar Charging Station

Next of course I placed and hand tightened one nut onto each of the fours screws, followed by placing the cable into the 5th hole so it would be inside the covered bench.

Solar Panel Installed for Lawn Mower Batteries Re Installing Lawn Mower Solar Charging Station

With the solar panel secured to the bench top and its cable placed through the bench top and into the inside of the bench, I then simply connected its wires into the small inverter.

Small Inverter Installed for Elecric Lawn Mower Solar Panel Re Installing Lawn Mower Solar Charging Station

The inverter of course is connected to the new cradle which is then placed on top of the pair of 3 year old (I think, since the batteries do not come with any manufactured or expiration date) electric lawn mower batteries.

Lawn Mower Batteries Charging From Solar Panel and Inverter Re Installing Lawn Mower Solar Charging Station

How do I know the setup is working? I know because , as you can tell from the second picture above, the tiny inverter has two lights, one solid light indicating the strength of the electricity being converted from the sun and a second light indicating the charging is occurring to the pair of batteries.

When the charging is finished, that second light changes from flashing to being a stable green light.

The last step is to apply caulking around the 4 holes used to securing the solar panel and the one hold through which the cable was placed to prevent water going inside the bench.

All of this literally took me all of 5 minutes.

Solar Panel For Lawn Mower Batteries Installed Re Installing Lawn Mower Solar Charging Station

Very simple, even for me. icon smile Re Installing Lawn Mower Solar Charging Station

And, yes, in the lower right corner of the last picture you see the even smaller solar panel used for my back yard outdoor solar patio lights.

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