Renovating DailyHomeRenoTips

After 3 and a half years of primarily the same structure and format, we decided last weekend to give Daily Home Renovation Tips its own renovation and makeover.

Did you notice?

Hopefully there was not too much dust! icon smile Renovating DailyHomeRenoTips

Did we change for the sake of change? I hope not.

Did you know we have more than 1, 300 articles? Yes, more than one thousand three hundred articles!

That is a lot of articles.

Did you know we have more than 30 different categories for our articles?

That, as anyone who runs their own web site can tell you, is a lot of categories.

The primary reason we under went the renovation was to make it easier for you to find the home renovation, energy and water savings information much more quickly.

New Site Layout

At the top we have the same navigation menu for our same pages; we also have added a new Blog link where you can go and locate our 6 most recent blog postings.

Beneath that, you will now see a new secondary menu.

This is where you can directly access all of our article categories.

And, we have regrouped all our 30+ categories into hopefully more user friendly groupings. In some cases, we have created parent / child relationships. For example, a new Solar category has 5 child categories of:

  1. MicroFIT
  2. Solar Air Heating
  3. Solar (Exterior) Shades
  4. Solar Charged Lawn Mower
  5. Solar Panels


New Home Page Layout

We also re-organized our Home page.

Now, our home page will provide you with direct access to selected category of articles.

At the top we will feature seasonally focused articles, such as our experience with Scotts Weed B Gon.

Then further down the home page you will find pairs of other articles within other selected categories.

On the left are categories related to renovating and repairing a home such as Basement, Floor Tiling, Kitchen and Bathroom activities.

On the right are categories related to energy or water savings such as LED Light Bulbs, Solar Charged Lawn Mower, Solar Electricity Home Generation and Sealing Home Air Leaks.

Then in the lower area of our home page, you will find direct access to one article within three categories near and dear to my heart; specifically Notre Dame, Accessibility and Walt Disney World.

So, what to you think?

Is the new format of Daily Home Renovation Tips helpful to you?

How else can we make it easier for you to access our over 1,300 different articles (and growing)?

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