Canada Green vs Scotts EZ Seed Grass and Lawn Repair

Spring time is the time for a lot of things, including repairing home lawns.

You have likely seen the recent commercials from both Scotts as well as Canada Green promoting their all in one lawn repair products.

SDC13253 Canada Green vs Scotts EZ Seed Grass and Lawn Repair

The television commercial from Canada Green is a compelling visual whereby they compare side-by-side over a length of time (they don’t say exactly how long, do they? I can’t remember) their Velocity Patch Plus product to a competitor whose container looks suspiciously like the Scotts Turf Builder EZ Seed container (but they don’t say who it is).

Then there is the Scotts EZ Seed television commercial which shows how it actually increases in height once water is sprinkled upon it to capture the moisture for the grass seed and seedlings; again, a compelling visual.

Which one is better?

I have no idea.

So, I thought I would give both a try.

Over the next week to 10 days I’ll show you the results we are getting in two side-by-side comparisons of our own.

This spot is in a very shaded area on the east side of our home:

East Wall Lawn Lawn Repair Area Canada Green vs Scotts EZ Seed Grass and Lawn Repair

Whereas, this area is in our south facing backyard which gets a lot of sun:

Back Yard Lawn Repair Area Canada Green vs Scotts EZ Seed Grass and Lawn Repair

Product Details Comparison

As for the products themselves, here is a comparison between the two from the product labels and cash register receipt which I thought you would find interesting:

Canada Green                  Scotts EZ Seed

  • Price              $13.00                                     $20.00
  • Size                1 kg                                             1.7 kg
  • Coverage       250 sq. ft.                                  80 sq. ft
  • Fertilizer        1-4-1                                           1-0-0

Yes, I double checked the size and coverage; for around 50% higher cost and 70% more contents the Scotts EZ Seed covers only around 1/3 of the square footage area of the Canada Green package.


Now, a couple of points about this comparison:

1. I paid for both products myself; that is neither company provided their product to me

2. I have no idea how this will turn out; I literally just started this test today!

Tomorrow, I’ll show you both areas cleaned with both the Canada Green and Scotts EZ Seed products both initially placed and watered. Each morning, before I start work I’ll go and water each area and take pictures to show you the progress … or lack thereof … for each product.

Until tomorrow.


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  1. Cyril says:

    I have gotten Scotts EZ Seed last year to repair my lawn and it works well, but I always wonder about Canada Green, I will check back to see which one is better

  2. Herb Swinhoe says:

    I purchased two of your scott ez grass seed only to apply according to instructions on my front lawn and I was amazed to find that instead of your product producing grass all I got was clover. I am requesting that you have a representative assess my lawn or provide me with a firm that will re-seed my lawn. Pleas advise
    Herb Swinhoe
    Windsor, Ontario

  3. Dan says:

    Hi Cyril,

    We have just published our initial results after one week. You can see the pictures and read about our results here in this article:

    What results did you obtain?

  4. Dan says:

    Hello Herb,

    It seems like you think I actually work for Scotts. I definitely do not.

    I am simply writing about my experiences trying out competing lawn repair products.

    I suggest you go back to the store where you purchased Scotts EZ Seed and try to obtain a refund from them.

    It is disappointing to hear of your results.


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