Sony Bravia LCD HDTV

Well, the bulb has gone now for the third time on our 8 year old Hitachi rear-projection LCD Television.

I contacted the Future Shop where we made the purchase and they told me that Hitachi stopped making televisions more than 2 years ago. Who knew?

So, I went on the Internet to locate a replacement bulb and it was $345 plus taxes and shipping.

Yikes! For an 8 year old TV? Sigh.

So, I headed down to our local Best Buy as they were having a sale on TV’s (then again, when are they or any other electronics retailer not having a sale on TV’s, right?).

The sale at Best Buy was on the Sony Bravia 46 inch LCD TV.

When I went to the store I found out that what was on sale was with 60 Hz 46 inch model.

They had a Samsung LCD TV on display with the right side 60 Hz and the left side 120 Hz. Of course, the left side of the screen was much sharper.

I noticed that they had a Sony Bravia 46 inch 120Hz LCD HDTC that was marked down because it had been on display for a month. At the marked down price, it was the same as the Sony Bravia 46 inch 60Hz LCD HDTV which was on sale. So, I took the 120Hz model.

Here it is still in its bubble wrap on our kitchen table.

Sonny Barvia LCD TV Sony Bravia LCD HDTV

Look how thin it is in the picture below!

Sony Bravia LDC TV Side View Sony Bravia LCD HDTV

Now compare it to the Hitachi rear projection LCD TV pictured below.

Hitachi Rear Projection LCD TV Side View Sony Bravia LCD HDTV

Once I had the Sony Bravia plugged in, well, the picture was amazing, not surprisingly since it is 1080P I guess.

Sports Center on Sony Bravia LCD TV Sony Bravia LCD HDTV

Above is a picture from Sports Center . Below is are two pictures via the attached Sony DVD player from one of my Notre Dame football CD’s; Go Irish!

While the DVD is only about 5 years old the football game against Florida State was played back, as any hard core Notre Dame football fan knows, back in 1993. Yet, with almost 2 decades old technology used to originally film the football game, the picture is remarkably sharp on the new television.

Notre Dame Football on Sony Bravia LCD TV Sony Bravia LCD HDTV

Lou Holtz on Sony Bravia LCD TV Sony Bravia LCD HDTV

Next is a picture from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Look how crisp and sharp the picture is of a DVD which has to be at least 10 years old.

The Little Mermaid on Sony Bravia LCD TV Sony Bravia LCD HDTV

So, the cost of the Sony Bravia 46 inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV was $749.99 at Best Buy (again, it was listed as an Open Item). Yes, I did take the 4 year Best Buy insurance plan which, as far as such insurance plans go, was only $189.

Another large difference between the Sony and the old Hitachi rear-projection LCD TV is how quite the Sony Bravia runs. There’s no fan keeping a light bulb cool creating noise. So, as a result the sound (which we have going through the same 12 year old receiver and not the TV) is more clean and crisp.

And, remember, an LCD TV uses less electricity than a Plasma TV. I understand that the new LED TV’s which are on the market use even less electricity, but they are out of my price range.

How I Met Your Mother Barney Stinson on Sony Bravia Sony Bravia LCD HDTV

Yes we do need to now buy a different television stand as the one which the Hitachi TV was on was custom. As you can see in the picture  below, even with ‘Barney Stinson’ character from How I Met Your Mother front and center, the new Sony LCD TV looks a little low on the old TV stand. I’ll keep an eye out for a new TV stand on sale!

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