Philips Ambient 12.5 Watt LED

We have written many articles about LED lighting over the past several months or so.

Recently, we received two of the new Ambient 12.5 Watt LED light bulbs in the A19 size from Philips to try.

I was curious because I really liked the 8.6 Watt A19 LED light bulbs.

In fact, I am a big proponent of LED lights in general for the home (house, apartment or condo) or office.

LED light bulbs use far less (up to 75 or 80% less) electricity (as measured in Watts) than incandescent (i.e. the old fashioned type which are being phased out) or halogen light bulbs and last much, much longer.

LED light bulbs also use less electricity than ‘energy efficient” CFL light bulbs and provide the advantages of not containing any Mercury (unlike many CFL’s which do) and are not subject to premature failure when used for primarily short periods of time.

You can read about our own such experience with CFL light bulbs stopping to work prematurely after only 2 years or so in the bathroom and hallway of our home.

Now, back to the Philips Ambient A19 LED light bulbs.

Philips Ambient 12.5 Watt LED Light Bulb Philips Ambient 12.5 Watt LED

This new brand of electricity saving light bulbs available in both the United States ($39.97) and Canada ($39.98) at retailers such as The Home Depot

Here are the specifications per the product packaging:

  • Light Output – 800 Lumens
  • Voltage – 120 volts
  • Life – 25, 000 (see, I told you that it lasts much longer than a CFL or especially incandescent light bulbs)
  • Dimmable – Yes

Now the product packaging indicates that there is no hum generated as is the case with some light bulbs, instant on (which is nice compared to many CFL light bulbs which you have to wait a minute or two before they are producing their full amount of brightness, and that this A19 LED light bulb is ‘ideal for table and floor lamps’.

Curious how it looks out of the package?

Incandescent vs Philips LED vs CFL A19 Light Bulbs Philips Ambient 12.5 Watt LED

The above picture has the Philips Ambient LED light bulb in the middle with a 60 Watt incandescent on the right and a 14 Watt CFL on the right.

Ambient vs EcoSmart LED Light Bulbs Philips Ambient 12.5 Watt LED
Of course you immediately are drawn to two things about this LED light bulb; the yellow outer shell and the three spaces. This is unique; if you are not familiar with what LED light bulbs look like, in the above picture the 8.6 Watt EcoSmart A19 LED light bulb is on the right with the 12.5 Watt Philips Ambient A19 LED light bulb on the left.

Now, can almost 4 Watts make that much difference?

Philips Ambient 12.5 Watt LED left vs EcoSense 8.6 Watt LED right Philips Ambient 12.5 Watt LED

In the above picture the table lamp on the left uses the Philips Ambient 12.5 Watt LED while the one on the right contains the 8.6 Watt EcoSmart LED light bulb.

You can see three things:

  1. the light is a soft white even though the cover of the Philips Ambient LED light bulb was yellow,
  2. the three gaps in the yellow cover of the Philips Ambient LED light bulb have no impact on the light it emits, and
  3. there is a difference in the amount of light emitted as illustrated by the brightness of the two table lamp shades.

Now, I would not use this new brand of A19 LED light bulbs from Philips in our ceiling light fixtures. as it would be too bright.

Yet, I mentioned previously that while my wife likes the amount of light output and brightness of the 8.6 Watt LED it was a little dark for me when trying to read the news paper. Now, with this 12.5 Watt LED light bulb from Philips, the amount of brightness from the table lamp is just fine for me.

I did place the second Philips Ambient 12.5 Watt LED light bulb we received in the second table lamp so the room would have balanced lighting in our family room.

I hope this helps you become more aware of different LED light bulbs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Interesting I Really enjoyed your blog you have always post a useful information
    Thank you for post.

  2. penny says:

    Last year, in a thunderstorm, I lost two GFCI outlets to a lightning-induced transient despite having a ‘whole house’ surge protector.

    I have about 60 recessed lighting fixtures in my home.
    60 x $35 = $2100.

    What has me worried about these obscenely expensive bulbs is this: can I expect to suffer a $2000 loss of zapped semiconductor bulbs in worst-likely-case lightning strike?

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